Shoppingum for Startups

Shoppingum provides to you an opportunity to grow your business into a promising empire by the help of the Shoppingum features. With bringing the online market to your doorsteps, Shoppingum will allow you to excel and thrive your business.

With the economic situation prospering and the political programs promoting the idea of entrepreneurships and startups in Pakistan, it comes as no surprise to witness new businesses growing every day. Today, people have been greatly influenced in order to design, launch and run a new business, which although may be small at the beginning but with the right amount of motivation and opportunities can flourish to a bigger level.

Entrepreneurs can help their startups by opting for the world of e-commerce which will lead to the business being sought, commendably developed and validated into a better accessible business model which has the objective of the businesses to grow beyond the ambitions of the solo founders. Shoppingum helps you achieve this dream by introducing to you a never seen before platform.

Shoppingum allows you to accommodate all of your costumers as it is a common perception that an ‘always open’ store is not only more convenient but also leads to more customer loyalty. This allows you to remain in business and not ‘cancel’ any order just because of the duration of the day the request was made in. Shoppingum is an online platform and is capable of storing all requests by the time you open.

Shoppingum provides to you an opportunity to grow your business into a promising empire by the help of the Shoppingum features. Shoppingum offers to you a cheaper alternate of expanding costumers: promoting your online retail by shifting of the flow of the appropriate customer traffic from the Shoppingum Search Engine to you. It is not at all usual for a costumer to click on the link, recommended by the Shoppingum Search engine based on the authenticity of the product online advertisement, and land on the online shopping website of a lesser known and promoted website.

Shoppingum offers to you a far more effective strategy that is bound to increase your sales. Handling of the marketing and advertising will be done through the Shoppingum server, massively reducing your initial; promotional costs. Shoppingum has the capability of operating as an Organic Search Engine. This will allow your website to gain traffic through the pay per click method. Moreover, Shoppingum has a strong social media presence and is capable of utilizing this capability to promote and enhance the customer growth.

Shoppingum in a remarkable manner is providing the customers with ample yet to the point information of your product and services. Shoppingum has a feature of Product/Service Description section which carries information for the customers: covering the specifications features and the pricing, as well as, the relatable products offered by your company.


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    Targeted Audience based Advertising

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    Detailed and Explicit Product Advertising

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    Competitor Insights for Business Growth

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    Major Annoncements in Future

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    Marketing Advice


  1. 1. Brief Outline of your Startup
  2. 2. Product Overview
  3. 3. Targeted and Interested Audiences
  4. 4. Competitive Advantage (of your product with your competitions)
  5. 5.Introduction of the Owner(s) and Founder(s)

Articles should have more than 700 words, with no plagiarism. Bullet points and paragraphs are highly recommended.