Top 5 mobile accessories brands in Pakistan

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Top 5 mobile accessories brands in Pakistan


Abdul Rehman

time published 24 Nov 20

There are several companies doing business in Pakistan in the domain of mobile phone accessories, and this business has been widely stretched in recent time especially the cause of the revolution of smartphone and industry of smartphone across Pakistan.

You can easily access mobile accessories online across Pakistan because the demand for mobile phone accessories is exponentially growing day by day and there are several large setups and businesses which are focusing more only necessities.

Some of the top mobile phone accessories brands in Pakistan are listed in this article and if you are looking to shop any of the mobile phone accessory brands in this article is the perfect guide for you.

Top 5 mobile accessories brand in Pakistan

Here is the top mobile accessories list in Pakistan:


River Song is known as one of the most technology and one of the most leading mobile phone accessories brand, which is now associated with one of the latest technology group of IMG.

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This mobile accessories brand has its headquarter in China, and the best thing about this brand is its healthy infrastructure which is now aiming at constant innovation in terms of its technology and that is the only reason it is considered as one of the exponentially growing mobile phone accessory brand.

RiverSong Mobile Accessories

It has very user-friendly services which are also considered as the main aim of this company along with the excellent quality of products.


The company Xiaomi has had a number of E-commerce stores in Pakistan which are completely dealing in MI gadgets along with mobile accessories.

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It is now known as one of the most renowned mobile accessory brands in Pakistan which were founded back in 2016. Most of the latest and top-notch mobile phone brands are sponsoring this brand for its mobile phone accessories.

Infinix smartphone series also offers a variety of mobile phone accessories to this brand not just for dealing its glass protectors but also for its mobile accessories like batteries and wireless charger adapters.


Anker is known as best mobile accessories brand in world and the reason behind its name is it's utilizing power delivery technology which is extremely effective in charging smartphones and tablets at a very rapid speed.

Anker Products

It also offers number of other high-speed universal Chargers not only for desktops but also the wireless Chargers and portable power banks as well which can charge at high speed.


Baseus is an electronic brand which is also included in the top five mobile phone accessories brand in Pakistan having innovation technology which offers a wide range of products to its users.

Baseus mobile phone accessories

It is known as a global brand and is strongly committed to providing a higher standard of customer services. The best thing about this brand is its diverse the range of accessories which includes Chargers, number of audio accessories along with cables and most of all you can also avail gaming accessories from this brand.


The Sound Master Audionic Is simply known as brilliant business division in terms of Dany technologies which is now available in premium quality for most of the music lovers and is known as one of the best and well-renowned brand in Pakistan’s market.

It has given tough competition to most of the multinational brands because of its reasonable and economical mobile phone accessories along with friendly customer services.

Also, you can avail a number of other mobile phone accessories apart from music like dual-port Chargers and car Chargers along with auxiliary cables.

Final verdict

Overall, mobile phone accessory brand has developed a lot in recent times across Pakistan, and the mean evident of this fact is the customer services of most of the top-notch mobile accessories brand in Pakistan

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