Speakers Brands in Pakistan With Best Sound Quality

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Speakers Brands in Pakistan With Best Sound Quality



time published 08 Jan 20

Top Speakers brands in Pakistan are Sony, Audionic and Samsung. All these Brands have their portable speakers model. This Article presents detailed review of their battery, Sound Experience and Advancement in their new models.

Good sound quality is very necessary either if you are watching a movie or listening to music.


Every party, wedding or any other event is never completed unless and until there's music bursting through the walls and for that sound system is required that has a good base and frequency and can lift the whole environment.


Even while you are sitting in your lounge watching your favorite movie to complete the ambiance a good home theatre music system is compulsory.

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New advancements are being made in the technology of sound systems and speakers these days speakers can be connected through Bluetooth to any gadget and you can play nonstop music easily, speakers are now available in portable sizes and can be moved around easily.


Many brands in the market manufacture great quality speakers with all the latest features and specifications. Some of the best speaker brands in Pakistan are listed below:

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Sony is one of the best brands that manufacture speakers and sound systems with matchless sound quality and mind-blowing specifications.


It offers speakers for different requirements for indoors and outdoors events.


Sony’s latest technology speakers are their portable Bluetooth speakers and they have launched many such speakers.

Sony XB32 extra bass portable speakers

Sony XB32 extra bass portable speakers is one of its latest launches, these amazing speakers allow you to carry your party anywhere just connect the speakers with your phone and start the playlist and then enjoy the vibe anywhere anytime, it may be your house, car, friend’s place or anywhere outdoors just carry these lightweight speakers with you and never let the fun die.

Extra Bass

The extra bass quality of the speakers makes it more fun and forces everyone to groove along with the beats there are dual passive radiators with two full-range speakers to add an extra boost in the mood.

Sound experience

The most amazing feature of the speaker is the unique three-dimensional sound experience and makes it feel like you are listening to the music live. And to give more hype to the party the speakers are installed with flashing color lights, the flashing lights sync to the beat and bring more colors to the party. 


Weather conditions

The speaker is efficient enough to work under any weather conditions hot summer afternoons, windy evenings or it might be raining the music does not have to stop as these speakers are dustproof, waterproof and they are specially designed for absorbing shocks and resist bumps and scrapes.


The battery life of these speakers is also very impressive it lasts up to 24 hours once fully charged.

Sony GTK-PG10 outdoor wireless speakers

The other amazing speaker launched by Sony is the GTK-PG10 outdoor wireless speakers.


These heavy-duty all-purpose speakers are very lightweight and easy to carry. Perfect for outdoor events these portable speakers can be easily folded and they don’t take much space.

clarity and quality

The most amazing and unique specification of the speakers is that they adapt to the environment automatically and change settings and modes accordingly never compromising on the clarity and quality of the sound.


The battery life is again quite impressive and lasts up to 13 hours.

Other Features

Not Only that the speaker can also play FM radio, so you can listen to your favorite radio shows anytime and anywhere.


Sony speakers are probably the best speakers available in Pakistan with incredible performance and mind-blowing sound quality.


The price range of sony speakers vary but they are usually a little highly-priced in Pakistan, because of its exceptional sound quality.


Audionic is also one of the leading speakers and sound system brands in Pakistan. Audionic offers a wide range of speakers with multiple uses and features.


They have different series of speakers all meant for different types of speakers. The series of speakers include the monster series, the masti series, solo series, blue beats series and AD series.

Masti series

The masti series include small-sized USB speakers perfect for everyday use these speakers can easily be connected to laptops or computers. 

  • Their slim and sleek design makes them even more convenient as they occupy very little space
  • They are very lightweight.
  • These speakers come with remote control for easy settings and operations.

Audionic B-25 LED TV headphones

Audionic also has a wide range of headphones, their latest launch is the B-25 LED TV headphones, these wireless headphones can easily be connected through Bluetooth and can be carried anytime and anywhere.

  • These headphones have a high-range capacity which means you can connect the device with the headphones and enjoy music from afar.
  • They are very comfortable to wear for a long time and have excellent sound quality.


Audionic MONSTER MS-510

The monster series include home theatre sound systems the latest speakers are the MONSTER MS-510.

  • These heavy-duty woofers are capable of bringing life to the party and forcing everyone to dance.
  • The amazing design and look of the speakers make them more appealing to the eyes. Now enjoy cinema-like movie time with the family or friends is no problem at all. 
  • These speakers can be connected through Bluetooth or USB cable, SD card slot and also an AUX input.


Audionic Speakers is the best option if you have a moderate budget to get yourself, good quality speakers. You can checkout updated prices of the latest Audionic speakers in Pakistan on Shoppingum.


Other Speakers

The other great speakers included in this series is the monster MS-300 these speakers are perfect for indoor use based on the latest technology these speakers delivers bass with a high beat.


The unique feature of the speakers is that it comes with a touch panel for easy settings and control.


All of the speakers by audionic come with a warranty and delivers the best possible sound quality. They are one of the best selling speakers in Pakistan, well trusted by the masses.


The price ranges of audionic speakers vary but are usually very reasonable.


Samsung speakers:

Samsung is one of the best brands when it comes to electronics, it is the most

globally recognized brand. Samsung is known to never compromise on the quality and durability of its products.


Samsung speakers are the loudest speakers with the utmost clarity you can get your hands on. Samsung has a wide range of speakers from heavy-duty sound systems, to everyday portable speakers.

Samsung 55W wireless Hi-Fi speaker VL350

Recently, Samsung as well has been launching several great wireless speakers the latest range includes the Samsung 55W wireless Hi-Fi speaker VL350, now you can upscale the music files up to 32 bits to bring the original sound to alive.

Distortion canceling technology

The speakers are equipped with distortion canceling technology that predicts and cancels out any distortion before it happens to play your favorite music smoothly with high bass.

Voice Control

The best feature of the speakers is that you can control it through voice just give commands orally to play, pause or repeat the song.


The speakers also have Bluetooth through which you can connect it with any of your gadgets and play music conveniently.

Samsung also has a wide range of Home Theaters, but the prices of Samsung home theater are much higher in Pakistan and it's usually out of reach of majority audience. So, mostly bass lover opts for simple speakers or woofers.

These speakers are perfect for our modern lives where easy control is everything.

Samsung HW-Q90R Harman/Kardon soundbar

Samsung also has launched a series of magnificent home theatre speakers that provide the ultimate experience of home theatre and bring all the characters to live and make family movie times more fun and thrilling. The latest addition to this series is the HW-Q90R Harman/Kardon soundbar.

Cinematic audio

The impressive sound of this soundbar is perfect for QLED TVs it brings all drama to reality with its multi-dimensional cinematic audio, the 17 built-in speakers transports you into your imaginations.


Samsung speakers are probably one of the very best speakers available in the market. Samsung products are easily available all over Pakistan. Samsung speakers are a little high priced but considering the world-class specifications and feature the price is justified.

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