Top Best Solar Power Banks For Mobile Phones In Pakistan

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Top Best Solar Power Banks For Mobile Phones In Pakistan


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 07 Apr 20


The significant obligation or disadvantages of communication comes in view of the problems in the electrical lines or due to the lack of power such as electricity etc.. especially in the areas which have been affected because of some natural disaster or regular calamities.

To slow down such disadvantages, we need an inexhaustible solution of vitality that can work nonstop with no disturbance. One of the solutions to these problems can be Solar Power Banks.

It chips away at the intensity of the sun, changing over solar energy into electrical energy and helps in charging the mobile phones which can be utilized in correspondence, and in this manner, goes to be essential during catastrophes and force blackout.

 This advance technology was not present in Pakistan a few years back but with the passage of time, the advance technology is moving everywhere around the globe and so in Pakistan. Many people here are now aware of it and are using it.

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Top Best Solar Banks For Mobile Phones In Pakistan In 2020

Solar 4000 Mah Power Bank To Solve All Your Problems

92 electronics manufacture this beauty which is useful for everyone and very reasonable in the New Year. It was made keeping in view the needs and demands of the user. It can charge the phone very quickly. The capacity of this power bank is 4000 mAh and above. It is compatible with mobile phones.

It has 2 charging ports and can charge 2 phones on time. The battery capacity of this device is 3001 mAh to 5000 mAh. Its output power is 5 Volts and 2.0 amperes. These power banks come with a cable to charge and the device within the box.

This is easily available in Pakistan and will work to help for the betterment of the environment. The price of this amazing power bank is also very low. It is a deal never to be missed.

power bank in pakistan

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Chinkeypro Solar Charger To Make Your Life Easy 

ChinkyPro is one of the most demanded solar battery banks for phones. It is known for its quality at a reasonable price. It is 7 Watts and has 2 USB ports. 5 Volt and 2.4 Amperes is its output power. It is one of the best solar power banks of 2020 in Pakistan.

 This unique solar bank looks cool too. It weighs 565 pounds. It is foldable and pretty easy to carry everywhere. This solar bank is highly efficient and has multi-layers of solar panels. It helps it to enhance functionality.

With the smart IC chip, the rate at which solar energy converts into electric energy increases and so does the charging speed. It is the most recommended power bank and easily found in Pakistan. It is also known as a smart adapter.

Adding value to the product is its water and heat resistance. No explosion can be caused by this amazing device as it does not contain any kind of battery. It is easy to use and more reliable. The price of the ChinkyPro solar charger in Pakistan is very reasonable. It can charge your tablets, headphones and other Bluetooth devices too.

Solar Panel Mobile Charger Is More Than What You See

These solar panel mobile chargers are available in Pakistan at a very reasonable price. These are good in quality and charge your phone without any hazard. This solar panel charger has a different number of charging Jacks and a lot of phones can be charges within a few hours. 

Not just this, its unique feature of this power bank other than being solar is that it is waterproof. Isn’t it great? You don’t really need to be extra careful while going near the water. It has 6 Volts output volt and 3 Watt. The length of the wire in this power bank is 50 cm.

It can charge any phone which has 5 Volt batteries. In the box, they provide 1 panel with 1 charging wire. The price of this product in Pakistan is very reasonable.

solar mobile charger in pakistan

Solar Power Bank For Tablets To Unleash The Enormous Enigma

This is an external source of charging your battery. It is much more reliable and easily found. It is specifically designed to make your life easy. It can charge mobile phones, tablets and mp3 and 4, etc. It is beneficial for the environment as well as it saves a lot of energy as well.

Due to its small size and less weight, it can be carried anywhere easily. You don't have to worry about charging your power banks anymore or fear what if it dies. This eco-friendly solar bank has a USB port. It has 3.5b volts power whereas 6 voltage.

The output power of this device is maxed 240 volts while 0.2 amperes. This power bank has a size equal to a pouch and can be carried anywhere. The price is also reasonable and can be afforded by everyone.

All In One Universal Powerport Solar Power Charger For All Type Of Digital Products And Car Batteries

If you are worried to carry you iPod’s, iPad’s, mobile phone, cameras, car batteries or laptops to a long day trip as they might die. The solution is here! The universal PowerPort Solar Power Bank charges all your devices without harming the environment.

No need to charge you power banks for hours before leaving the house. The technology has changed, adapt it. Use the modern way of charging your devices without electricity. Save electricity in Pakistan since it is already deficient. This beneficial product only weighs 3 pounds.

It charges your device in minimal time. You don't need to connect your device again and again with this power bank as it does it on its own. It has light indicators that help the users to know when charging of the device has started and hen it is fully charged.

solar power charger in pakistan

 Coming to its functionality, the power of its panel is 28 Watts and it carries 18 voltages. The price of this product in Pakistan is very high but comparing the piece and usability, the price is reasonable. It provides all a user wants and the technology is used remarkably.

Within the box, you get a solar bank that is foldable, one USB cable to connect it with your device, on DC cable, laptops connectors are also included in it and the last thing is the hooks which are used to hang the battery bank.

Perfection- Portable Solar Panel Charger

With the growing trend of using solar power banks, the manufacturing of these devices has also increased rapidly in Pakistan. Different companies and even people at home are manufacturing and selling this new technology.

 Only because of this the modern Solar Power Banks are now very easily available to people. Every power bank has a unique feature. This portable solar panel charges your mobile phones anywhere. The features of this device include a USB interface and a micro line which is built inside the device.

The micro line is the main reason that this power bank helps in charging through the sun. It does not contain any type of batteries. It is environmental friendly. The energy is transferred from solar to electric within seconds. It is very easy to use and carry without fear of exploding.

 It also includes a buckle that has a drop-proof design to increase its protection. To convert energy most efficiently and quickly from one form to another, a monocrystalline silicon chip is used. This power bank has 4 folds of 6 Watt and 5 folds of 7 Watts. The price of this power bank is comparatively less and is easily available in Pakistan.

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