Samsung Galaxy S21 Series rumours, launch date and specs

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Series rumours, launch date and specs


Abdul Rehman

time published 18 Nov 20

Are you waiting for the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series? The wait is just confusing. Usually, Samsung launches most of the S Series phones in the mid of February and March. It is expected this will also announce the Samsung S series in the sale of march.

Samsung Galaxy S21 series Launch date

Some rumors are floating in the market that this time Samsung announce the Galaxy S21 series may be the start of 2021. If Samsung follows its releasing tradition, then it would be expected that it will be the Samsung S21 release date on 5 March or 12 March sale.

Let’s see when Samsung will release the official date for Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

What new models are in Samsung Galaxy S21 Series?

It's become a trend that whenever any brand launches its flagship smartphone, they highlight its model with a specific sequential number as for like Samsung galaxy S20, so it is very easy to predict what will be next models of Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

So far, it is foretold Samsung line up models will be called Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 series specs

As the Samsung S21 series is not released yet but its design, camera, performance, display are predicted on its predecessor features and specs or rumors in the phone market about the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.


The design of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series becomes the most recognizable flagship device; originally, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series angled design from the backside specifically for the camera set up.

Expected that Samsung used glass and metal premium frames for Samsung Galaxy S21 series, which worked as a waterproof or it may come in new color options.


There is no confirmation about the release of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, but the other two in the Samsung series are confirmed, supposing that Samsung launched three models in the S series definitely it comes in three different sizes.

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It may provide 120hz refresh rates in displays, expectations that Samsung uses the flat-screen display in Samsung Galaxy S2 and curved display Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra.


The camera setup is the most important feature considering phones; Samsung offered 108 megapixels in their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

Expected Samsung Galaxy S21 comes in a triple camera. On the contrary, Samsung galaxy, S21 ultra comes in the quad-camera, or maybe the fourth camera of Samsung S 21ultra comes in 10x zoom technology that becomes the first Samsung phone that has great zoom range.


Samsung much focused on the overall performance of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series phones. It is predicted that in some of the phone markets, it may come with snapdragon 875 chipsets, or in some of the other markets, it may come in Exynos 991/ 992/ 1000 variant.

According to some rumors, the Exynos 1000 is more powerful than the old snapdragon 675, which means we can expect a huge performance difference from the older phones of Samsung.

Chipset Exynos 1000

Samsung Galaxy S21 series rumors

S pen support

Samsung already introduced the S Pen support in their galaxy Note series, but now rumors are floating that this time Samsung renders the feature of S pen support in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 series. Samsung Galaxy S21 with S pen


All the rumors and expected date of launch is secret yet, but in somewhat Samsung Galaxy S21 series specs would be similar as brief above. In the last, the whole revelation of detailed specifications and features of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is only after its official releasing date that was announced by Samsung officially.

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