Samsung Galaxy M Series Vs Galaxy A Series Which One Is Better

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Samsung Galaxy M Series Vs Galaxy A Series Which One Is Better


Abdul Rehman

time published 28 Nov 20

Samsung has been producing first-rate mobile phones for a very long time. It is a trusted companion of people around the world. It is known for bringing genuine smartphones with continually improving technologies.

In the past, only one brand would surface over the market and grab away the total revenue share. Every other day, a new brand is introduced with features better than the previous one and halts all the market's past purchases. But Samsung has always been relevant in the world of smartphones no matter what.

SAMSUNG has surfaced in the market, and since its inception, it has given the leading technology giants a run for their money. SAMSUNG's recent introductions have arrived under the name of SAMSUNG GALAXY A SERIES or SAMSUNG GALAXY M SERIES and have both garnered a whooping success in the sales market. They have features that are magnanimous and speak volumes about the brand that it is.

Let's take a more in-depth dive into both the series and decide which offers a greater scope for innovation and an overall better performance.


If you are looking for a smartphone that actually is smart enough and gives you the perks of perfection and personification, then Samsung Galaxy A Series and you are the perfect matches for each other. Samsung has taken the technology several notches up, and the new Samsung Galaxy A Series is a living example of Samsung going bigger and growing better.

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Samsung A series has been in the market since 2014 and, unlike many other series, continues to be a great success with every new model introduced. Galaxy A SERIES has a wide worldwide market and is a favourite in many countries, jam-packed with the best technology and advanced chipsets.

A Samsung Galaxy A phone is more like a flagship Samsung product. Sleeker and smarter, bigger and better and exemplary mobile phones coveted by all but owned by few and would not it be better if you have it too? 

What a lethal combination it is to have it all sleek and smart. Talking about the frame, it would be all glass dressed with a frame of plastic concealing yet enhancing the beauty from all four corners.

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The A-series has shown a wide colour variation and some greater storage capacities in their successive models. A series is currently in its sixth generation, with Samsung Galaxy A 71 5G being its latest innovation.


SAMSUNG GALAXY M SERIES is the latest range of smartphones, that was first introduced in 2019. The M in the series stands for 'millennials' as the series was specially introduced for them. 

After hearing about the new Samsung Galaxy M Series, the very immediate question that comes to one's mind is why one should buy it? What makes it different from others? Would it be worth the investment and expectation?


The SAMSUNG GALAXY M SERIES contains an array of budget-friendly mobile phones that are easy on the pocket yet heavy on technology SAMSUNG GALAXY M SERIES brings you smart screens to enhance your experience and provide you with the magnanimous canvas to colour all your dreams the way you wish.

The battery capacity of the all-new SAMSUNG GALAXY M SERIES is so good that it helps in all day long run without dying.  The hardware and software coaction keeps it in business for much longer than you contemplate. It seems like now you are free to do what you love without the fear of the battery dying out!

The verdict

Where SAMSUNG GALAXY A SERIES has in-display fingerprint sensors, the SAMSUNG GALAXY M SERIES has bigger batteries and is the solution to the budget conundrum. The A-series has a wider worldwide market, whereas the M series is released in fewer countries. 

Overall, SAMSUNG GALAXY A SERIES has better innovations and is more likeable, but SAMSUNG GALAXY M SERIES is budget-friendly. Furthermore, technology is almost the same. 

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