PS5 Price in Pakistan 2022-Release date, Models and Specifications

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PS5 Price in Pakistan 2022-Release date, Models and Specifications


Abdul Rehman

time published 04 Dec 21

The next generation of gaming is going to be successful. The competition in this era is growing day by day, and in this field, Sony and Microsoft are in the front line. Gamers have different options to play games, but PlayStations provide a great experience to the users.

With the release of PS5, we can guess that it will be successful as PS5 is huge is stepped to bring the play stations forward when we talk about console gaming.

PS5 Price in Pakistan 2022

PS5 price in Pakistan in 2022, according to the latest reports, start from approximately Rs. 140000 in the online stores. The PS5 prices are updated, and you can check the latest prices of PS5 from the websites. PS4 price in Pakistan was less than PS5 price.

PS5 Release Date in Pakistan

PS5 was released in November 2020. It is released in an unconventional way, such as it is released in two variants instead of one, such as in the form of a digital edition and the standard disc-driven edition. The reason is that the world is moving from physical to digital gradually.

PS5 Design

PS5 design is big, bold, curve, tall stature, and beautiful. PS5 design includes a weight division of 39x 10.4 x 26 cm. PSS is not light but has 4.5kg. Thus, you can say that PS5 has the largest console that is made by Sony ever.

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The PS5 shape of the console is polarizing. It has a two-tone color scheme that attracts the audience towards itself in any home.

PS5 design system has a subtle lightning effect that provides a soothing hue in both rest and operation mode of the console.

The light strips used in it give a space-age look and feel to the PS5. Lights turn to orange when consoles come to rest mode, but in turned-on condition, lights change from blue to white. It also provides a better and nice touch of continuity from the PS4.

PS5 Design

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PSS 5 specifications

PS5 specifications are as follows.

  • Resolution: PS5 standard SSD version and Digital PPS both support resolution of 4K@60fps up to 120fps.
  • PS5 standard has a RAM of 16GB GDDR6, but the digital version does not support it.
  • Both Versions support 448B/s memory bandwidth.
  • SSD PS5 weighs approximately 4.5kg, but the Digital edition has 3.9kg.
  • SSD PS5 is slightly thicker than Digital PS5, but both are much larger than Xbox series.

PS5 Dual Sense Controller

In PS5, Dual Shock 4 controller has been upgraded and is known by the name of PS5 Dual Sense Controller. It provides a new efficient look.

PS5 Dual Sense controller battery life is much good as compared to the PS4 DualShock.

The PS5 controller is a combination of adaptive triggers and haptic feedback that makes it a unique controller. These are responsible for evoking distinct vibrations and frequencies that depend on the action n-game. PS5 is the only controller that supports the next-gen feature.

PS5 Controller

PS5 Feature

PS5 performance features supported by it are amazing. PS5 graphics are incredible.  Just have a look at the PS5 features described below.

  • It has the main feature of lightning speed that uses the power of CPU, GPU, and SSD, including integrated I\O that can provide further amazing features such as.
    • Ultra-high Speed: PS5 has the feature of ultra-high-speed SSD that enables you to maximize the play sessions for installed PS5 games with the help of the instant load times feature. You can launch Demon’s session souls from the main menu just in few seconds.
    • Booting the games in PS5 just takes eight seconds. Thus, you can say loading time is great in PS5.
    • The integrated I/O: this function enables to do quickly drag data from SSD to design the games.
  • It provides astonishing and incredible graphic features. They are as follows.
    • It has a ray tracing feature by which you can experience a new level of realism. The reason is that it creates true-to-life shadows and reflection with the help of rays of light that are simulated individually.
    • You can play PS5 games on a 4K TV, which is another feature supported by it.
    • For compatibility purposes of games and to get good output, it provides gameplay up to 120fps with 120Hz output.
    • It supports HDR technology for PS5 game display.
    • PS5 console support 8K output. It also provides other console features described below.
      1. PS5 has a backward compatibility catalog for PS4 to play games on PS5. It provides compatibility with almost 4000            PS4 games that give relief as PS4 games in Pakistan are more popular.
      2. It also provides a game boost for faster and smoother frame rates.
      3. PS4 games can be upgraded to digital PS5 games.
      4. It supports PS VR games with your PS5 console.
  • PS5 has another prominent feature that is PS5’s cards. They are to be found activity cards which is a useful addition to it.
  • It also provides groups and social-based features and an easy video sharing option. The social-based feature support voice dictation for messaging, and that is done by PS5 Dual Sense Controller built-in mic.
  • It enables you to select the system settings in certain aspects, such you can choose the preferred level during the game.

PS5 game library

PS5 game library features are described below.

  • PS5 consoles launch a pretty low bar game library, but it depends on if masterpieces are finished by you in PS4's era.
  • It enables you to play PS4 games as it supports backward game compatibility features.
  • PS Plus allows you to access older games, and their collection may include 20 defining games.
  • It has predefined Astro’s Playroom that provides fun to gamers.

PS5 Pros

PS5 pros are listed below.

  • It is the best and successful gaming console in Pakistan.
  • It provides 4K/120 gameplay and supports 8K/60.
  • PS5 controller provides significant fast and quick data pull and loads from SSD.

PS5 Cons

PS5 cons are the following.

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  • PS5 is very expensive; however, users are purchasing it to experience its amazing features.
  • It provides limited backward compatibility.
  • It supports no Dolby vision or atmos.
  • It has a small selection of genuine PS5 games.