Looking for best protein products for body building in Pakistan? Here is what you need to know!

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Looking for best protein products for body building in Pakistan? Here is what you need to know!


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 17 Feb 20

Proper nutrition for a bodybuilder among all the exercises is essential, a bodybuilder has to maintain appropriate quantities of vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates in their diet to maintain the desired physique and health.

According to many famous nutritionists, it is essential that 40% of the food portion during the day of a bodybuilder is only proteins; that is, if we consider the standard food scale of a bodybuilder, it makes up to 400 grams of protein every day.

 These days many protein supplements are available in the market, but you have to be very cautious when making the decision and decide according to the ingredients of the product.

The benefit of protein supplements

There are many benefits of protein supplements for bodybuilders as well as other people of any age. It helps the human body in many ways. Some of them are:

  • Proteins are an essential part of the human system, proteins play a vital part for transporting throughout the body, and for bodybuilders, it is very important.
  • Proteins supplements increase the protein ratio in the human body, which helps in repairing damaged tissues and make enzymes. During exercises, the bodybuilders often get sore muscles, and proteins help heal the damaged tissues faster. 
  • The antibodies that defend the human body when virus attacks are made of proteins.
  • Proteins play the role of messenger and carries the signals to the cells, tissues, and organs.
  • People on high protein diet tend to lose body fat faster than those people who follow a low protein diet.

Are there any side effects of using protein supplements:

We should know what we are eating and what effect it will have on our body. Most protein supplements are safe for people of all ages. But the quantity being consumed has to be kept in mind. The overdose of protein supplements can have the following side effects:

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  • The overdose of protein supplements can cause nausea.
  • It can result in cramps and bloating.
  • The consumer may lose appetite if the protein supplement is being consumed more than recommended.
  • It can also result in tiredness and fatigue.

bodybuilding in Pakistan

The best protein supplements in Pakistan

Finding the right protein supplement according to the needs of your body is very important. And especially if you are an athlete or a bodybuilder, the body needs more protein to help the body function properly.

 There are many brands that have introduced their protein supplements in the market. Here are all the details of where you can find the protein supplements in Pakistan and the best protein products in the market

The protein works

The protein works are one of the best protein supplements available in Pakistan, and they have a wide range of protein supplements for bodybuilders. This brand is very well recognized around the globe, and they have recently awarded with best protein award in the UK.

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They have a large variety of protein types. All of their products are imported from the UK, and they are thoroughly tested in specialized laboratories before being sold. They provide certifications with their products to ensure the customer of the safety of the product.

Different supplements are priced differently; most price ranges are high because of the high quality of the product.  There are many great protein supplements available that includes:

The protein works- whey protein 80

Whey protein is a great source of protein for all. Whey protein contains more protein than all great quality eggs, chicken, or beef.

 The protein work whey protein contains 19.6 grams of protein every 25 grams of the scoop, which is more than any other brand. The supplement is easily soluble and can be used in any shake easily.

 For better taste, the supplement comes in many different flavors such as chocolate silk, caramel macchiato, vanilla creme, banana and strawberries, and creme.

 The protein works products in Pakistan

It is the most efficient protein type for the human body and is the most easily digestible as well.

The protein works- pure oats

The protein works pure oats are 100% ground Scottish oats. This protein type is very efficient in reducing cholesterol and especially great for those trying to lose lower body fat.

 It further boosts the immune system and prevents the body from catching many diseases. They help in maintaining the body's sugar levels. 

The protein works- L carnitine

This protein type is also very useful. The L carnitine helps direct the body to use body fat as fuel while workout. Otherwise, the body can also use the muscles to attain the required energy, which is not desired by the bodybuilders who spent hours in order to gain those muscles.

This product is best for extensive workouts and sports. It contains all the healthy ingredients.

Optimum nutrition

This is another leading nutrition brand that delivers the best quality products and makes sure that the customer gets nothing but the best. All of their products are very high quality, and they have consecutively won many awards for the exceptional quality of their products.

 They have a wide range of protein products to choose from, and all the protein products have different price ranges. Some of their best products include

Optimum nutrition- Fit 40

Fit 40 is a product from the brand's gold standard range. 

It is a great product for muscle recovery, as the human body tends to lose muscle power as it ages, and it can prove to be a big hurdle in bodybuilding and keeping the body stamina high.

So, this product is specially designed for athletes and bodybuilders who want to maintain the same energy even as the age grows.

 It can be easily used with any drink or shake or food. It comes in two delicious flavours vanilla and chocolate.

Optimum nutrition- 100% plant

As the new organic diet trend has been really popular recently, many athletes and bodybuilders have switched to organic protein supplements that are made 100% plant-based ingredients. This supplement contains peas, brown rice, and sacha inchi proteins. It is a great source of protein and also contains vitamin B12.

 It can be added to the daily diet for the best results. It is highly mixable, and it is available in chocolate, vanilla, and berry flavours.

Optimum nutrition- 100% egg

It is one of the best protein products by the brand. It is specially designed for lactose-intolerant people who want to avoid dairy-based protein supplements. 

It is very efficient and provides the perfect boost of amino acids in the body. Each scoop measures up to protein equivalent to at least 6 white eggs.

Optimum nutrition products in Pakistan

You can easily add it to your daily diet, and it is available in vanilla custard and chocolate flavor. 

Optimum nutrition- protein smoothie

Many people prefer protein smoothies for breakfast, and as breakfast is the essential meal of the day, it is very important that it contains all the vital nutrients. The ingredients in this smoothie are

  • Greek yogurt
  • Protein powder
  • chia

It is easy and convenient to make and does not require a blender. This healthy smoothie will definitely help achieve the bodybuilders achieve the desired body goals. This product is gluten-free and available in vanilla, strawberry, and blueberry.

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