Nokia 8000 4G Announced – New Features with Blast from The Past

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Nokia 8000 4G Announced – New Features with Blast from The Past


Abdul Rehman

time published 26 Nov 20

The world is changing. New technologies are being invented. Every one of us remembers the old TV sets with thick screens and those old mobile phone sets with a button. All those things were strong and unbreakable. A few people among us still can't get over those classy old phones. They were easy to use and did not require much care.

Nokia never forgets these people. It makes sure that were the technology is advancing there are a few people who want to be stuck to the old phones as every one of us knows that old is gold. Nokia has announced its latest mobile set Nokia 8000 4G mobile to the public.

Among all those slim, sleek body phones, there is a small, handy and plastic body phone with buttons on it. It surely was a much-needed phone. The return of the old button phone is a smart step as it contains the features similar to those in light and sensitive Nokia smartphones.

Let’s know more about the golden phone introduced by Nokia, which is the perfect amalgamation of the old and the new.

The plastic body

Nokia wants the comfort of the user for which they have introduced this phone in a smart palm-sized shape which is very handy. The next thing is the small screen rather than those big screens covering all body.

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Nokia 8000 has a 2.8 inches’ screen, and it had a very thick casing which is unbreakable. The next thing is the big buttons on the phone which have numerical numbers and small English alphabets on it.

The classic colours

This small phone has some amazing colours which make your day good when you look at it. It comes in 4 colours which include the Bright topaz-blue which reflects the warmth of the gem, -Citrine-Gold which shows some decency and class, Opal-White and at last the most common black as no one ever gets tired of the dark and dope black.

Nokia 8000 Colors

The phone looks really good in these colours and has a good impression on the user.

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When old meets new

The phone is available both in single and dual SIM. Nokia 8000 is simple but not basic. The software platform it runs is the Kai operating system, with Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 chipset with Adreno 304 GPU. The phone supports micro USB as well.

Here Nokia has played very smartly by giving the old thick body with a slim shape to the customer's which they wanted, and within the body, it has pretty advanced software. And that’s a very rare combination!

This little handset has an option to run not only the Wi-Fi but as well as the Hotspot on it! Now you can seamlessly run WhatsApp, Facebook and whatnot.

The never-ending battery

Who is tired of their smartphone battery time? Does it drain too fast? Don't worry! Here is the solution to the entire battery problem. The removable Li-Ion 1500mAh’s amazing battery life is a highlighted feature of this phone. It has a very impressive battery life which runs long enough.

The internet device

Nokia thinks of innovation. They have introduced easy internet, and Wi-Fi access in the featured phone and the Nokia mobiles price in Pakistan is also very reasonable. Now people can have access to the world without having the big expensive smartphone in their pockets.

 It supports Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Google Maps and Google assistant to be at the disposal at all times, to connect the users to the world. Nokia believes that everyone should have a social life.

The built-in camera

This mini phone comes with a camera of 2 MP. This camera stores your pictures and makes your videos as well. Nokia 8000 4G allows you to capture your beautiful moments and capture in this phone. Nokia 8000 4G price in Pakistan is very economical.

Nokia 8000


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