All About Medora Lipstick Shades Available In Pakistan

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All About Medora Lipstick Shades Available In Pakistan


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 26 Feb 20

When deciding about the best lipsticks, Medora is the first brand consideration of every girl. Medora is the leading lipstick brand of Pakistan, providing a wide variety of lipsticks in affordable ranges. Not only are the colors attractive and unique, but they are within the range of everyone. Medora has, over the years, proved itself a household brand and till date is the first choice of every female who wants to add some tint and color to her lips.

Medora is the oldest cosmetic and lipstick brand of Pakistan and Medora lipstick prices in Pakistan are highly affordable and in range. Medora offers a wide variety of lipsticks, lip-glosses, both matte and non-matte in countless colors, sizes and designs. What makes it a household brand is its affordability and availability. It is available all across Pakistan and is easy to apply and flaunt.

Medora's Magical Matte

The Dusky Musky Demure (561)

Medora matte demure famously known by the name of Medora 561 is a matte lipstick introduced by Medora. What makes it unique is its rich pigment. It adds rich pigment to one's lips, making them look beautiful and pigmented. Secondly, it is not the conventional matte. It is a creamy matte. It does not give the lips a rough look and feeling but a rather soft experience. Lastly, it acts as a moisturizer, too, keeping the lips moisturized and gorgeous.

The Fragrance Of Crushed Rose (217)

The crushed rose from Medora is another very beautiful and soft color. Crushed rose gives your lips a rosy appearance. It, too, is highly pigmented and creamy in texture, saving your lips of that conventional matte harshness and dry feeling. It moisturizes your lips, and the red pigmentation makes them look beautiful and classy.

medora red lipstick in Pakistan

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Crimson Red Diamond (257)

Medora's red diamond is the most in-demand color. It is famous among ladies and girls. After all, who does not admire classic red lips? Since red lips are in trend, this color has been liked the most. Because it is matte, it stays longer and its creamy texture makes it different from other matte lipsticks. It is famously known by the name “red 257”

The Gitano Gypsy Rose (222)

Gypsy rose is two tones light from red diamond and an on-trend color. It adds gypsy and rosy color to your lips and makes them appear gorgeous. It is loved by teenage girls and by ladies both. It is also in matte and stays for up to twenty-four hours. It gives your lips a fine look and moisturizes them too.

The Gleamy Glittery Gypsy Red (253)

Medora's gypsy red is a further breakdown of gypsy rose. A tone is darker than the rose-tone yet as beautiful as a rose. It is available in a reasonable price. Its regular texture, fine shape, compact appearance, and a gorgeous color makes it a desired lipstick. 

Ravishing Red Revival (206)

Red revival is another amazing color introduced by Medora. Its deep red color has always been in trend. Its name has been inspired by its undying demand amongst girls. It is one of the first colors in matte introduced by Medora and to date one of the most desired colors as well. It is highly pigmented, creamy matte, moisturized, red, and bold. It is also called Medora 206.

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Medora lipstick variety in Pakistan

True Red (283)

Medora's true red signifies and celebrates the identity of red. It is bold and beautiful. True red is a rich dark color with rosy pigment. It acts as a moisturizer too. Because of being matte, it stays longer and looks bolder. It gives your lips a fine, beautiful and bold look. Famously called true red 283, this lipstick is in high demand and loved by girls and ladies both.

Real Rosy Red (203)

Medora’s real red is another beautiful shade in red introduced by Medora. It is also in matte and has a moisturizing texture. Famously known by the name red 203, it is loved by ladies. It is creamy yet bold, beautiful, red and eye-catching.

Dazzy Jazzy Brown (263)

A new shade to Medora's matte is jazzy brown. It is not a conventional brown color, but it has a jazzy touch to it. Its creamy texture, bold appearance, compact shape, and jazzy color make it popular among ladies and girls alike. It goes perfectly with all kinds of the wardrobe, and its vibrant color complements all kinds of complexions. The price of Medora Matte Jazzy Brown in Pakistan is affordable.

Chiffon Blush (534)

Chiffon blush is a new color introduced by Medora. It is a hybrid of red and baby pink. Chiffon blush, since its arrival has been surfacing amongst the most desired colors. Because it is hybrid, so it gives a tint of both red and pink, which in itself is a rarity. No other lipstick brand offers such diversified color and no brand has ever dared to take this bold step of introducing a hybrid in the market before. Buy Chiffon blush at a reasonable rate

Tendre Peach (236)

Tender peach by Medora is another amazing color. It is available in matte and is soft and light in color.  This color is also quite famous in young girls because it compliments every look. Whether you dress up for parties or weddings or a casual gathering, this color goes with every type of occasion and dress perfectly. Check out its prices at online stores

Don't Think Before Having A Hint Of Pink (210)

Medora's 210 is a hint of pink. This unique name comes with a special color and is in trend since it was introduced. A hint of pink is a light shade of pink with a soft pigment. It best suits women and teenage girls. It lasts for up to twenty-four hours and complements all kinds of attires. The price of Medora 210 in Pakistan is economical.

Lip glosses

 The Jig Twig (244)

This exceptional lip gloss named twig is unique in its name and color both. It is long-lasting, well pigmented, and smooth in its application and has a high-quality finish. It stays for up to ten hours and complements all complexions, ages, attires, and occasions. It is specially introduced for teenage girls.

Angel Pink (555)

Angel pink is a matte lip gloss introduced by Medora. It is light and fresh in color and gives an angelic vibe. Its light tint of pink complements young girls and is in high demand. Suitable for all ages and complexions, Medora angel pink has become a household name because it is a gloss and that too matte, which in itself is a rarity.

Medora different colors in Pakistan

Medora Matte Lipsticks Pack Of 12 – Multicolor

Multicolor by Medora is a complete package to beauty and boldness. It contains unique twelve colors suited to every age and occasion specially made to complement all attires. It covers all colors by Medora and comes in exciting packaging. If you love some color on your lips and are a fashionista, then this multi-color pack is something that you should definitely have. Buy a pack of 12 lipsticks at mid-range of prices.

Medora best quality lipsticks in Pakistan

Medora Lipsticks Pack Of 6 – Multicolor

Medora has also introduced a pack of six lipsticks under its multicolor category. These six colors are in trend, bold, beautiful, and attractive. Specially customized to suit all occasions and compliment all attires. Pack of six would definitely complement your wardrobe and would go with all the complexions perfectly. Pack of six is all about matte lipsticks and has gained popularity amongst ladies and girls both. They are available at a reasonable range of prices.



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