Top 10 Makeup Brands in Pakistan - Most Ideal Makeup Kit Companion

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Top 10 Makeup Brands in Pakistan - Most Ideal Makeup Kit Companion


Syed Ali Naqvi

time published 17 Jan 20

“Blush blush! oh my crush,

When it comes to makeup please don’t make me rush.”

Honestly, who doesn’t like to dress up and look pretty in this beautiful world of glam, coinciding with daily routine of going to school, universities, and job? Everyone does. Trust me, everyone! From little kindergarten kids till housewives everyone loves to look pretty. And by everyone, it means everyone.

The girls and the boys, the young ones and adults, literally everybody. But when it comes to makeup, it is the girls who always want to steal the spotlight. And oh my my, what a beautiful world of lipsticks, mascaras, eye shadows and highlighter we have out there. It’s like a never-ending list of cosmetic shopping and a person feels like buying everything and anything they can actually purchase.

Choosing the right one

Questions like these usually pop up in one’s mind: Which foundation suits me? Is it too oily or too dry for my skin? Should I go for a drugstore brand or should I purchase high-end makeup and then be broke for the month, because oh man! Affording all this makeup gets pretty expensive. Should I buy a light pink, warm shade lipstick or should I buy a heads turning, popping red lipstick? These are some really hard decisions when it comes to makeup shopping.

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And one more thing that makes this shopping complicated is the different makeup brands. You go to a makeup shop and there are these different shades of beautiful red, pink, brown lipsticks available in all the different brands. It becomes really difficult and time-consuming to choose which is the right one to buy!

Makeup Brands

Coming to the makeup brands, quality has a significant effect and it makes all the difference. So, if anyone wants their makeup to look great, last throughout the day, and be delicate on their skin, they should be cautious about what items they are using.

Some of the makeup brands that are rich in quality and have maintained it since start till now are as follows:

Estee Lauder in Pakistan

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Estee Lauder

Since 1946, Estee Lauder has been upgrading excellence and intensifying ladies’ appearances and is currently one of the world's most prestigious beauty care products organizations. The brand's items, which include cosmetics, skincare, and various kinds of scents, are inventive, innovatively progressed and demonstrated viably.

Loreal Makeup Products in Pakaistan


With regard to excellence, L'Oreal is a worldwide pioneer. The French organization offers ladies an extravagant and prevalent quality beautifying items at moderate costs. Regardless of whether you need foundation, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner or some other cosmetics item, you'll never be baffled with L'Oreal.

Maybelline makeup kit in Pakistan


Maybelline began as a little, family-possessed business, and is presently the top beautifying agents’ organization in America. The brand persistently conveys the newest trendsetting shades of scientifically advanced goods.

Nars Makeup Products in Pakistan


NARS was made with the goal of engaging ladies to explore and mess around with cosmetics. To this day, the company still keeps up this crucial pride itself on showing women how to upgrade their natural magnificence and individual attributes. NARS Products are at mid-range of prices.

Laura Mercier products in Pakistan

Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier is a widely acclaimed makeup artist turning her experience, capability, and ingenuity into quality items through her namesake beauty company. Numerous things in the line have even gotten honors.

CHANEL makeup products in Pakistan


CHANEL is a brand, which makes a person feel as charming and complex as the owner herself if you wear its makeup. The brand's extravagance magnificent items are similarly as chic and jazzy as the garments that it makes. Its Perfume is the seductive material and is also available at online stores.

Dior makeup products in Pakistan


Inventiveness, extravagance, and greatness are for the most part words related to Dior and its beauty care products. On the off chance, if a person hasn't tried any of the brand's items, they should make certain to do so right away. The Dior lipsticks are a mark item for the name and an incredible spot to begin.

Bobbi Brown makeup products in Pakistan

Bobbi Brown

If a person is unaware of the name Bobbi Brown, it’s an ideal opportunity to consider the name. The company created by the same name’s professional makeup artist offers some of the absolutely magnificent makeup items which are now accessible to the world.

Urban Decay makeup products in pakistan

Urban Decay

If someone likes their makeup to set out and be astonishing, from others, then Urban Decay is the palette for them. This beauty care brand is as restless as it is creative and has an immense fan base. Presently a clique mark, Urban Decay is renowned for its famous Naked Palettes, superior details, vivid bursts of colors and services a makeup product must-have.

Sephora cosmetics


There is no better place to go when shopping for makeup than Sephora. This excellent retailer offers mind-blowing items from top beautifiers’ brands, incorporating its own in-house go, Sephora Collection.

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent offers the best of makeup from weightless foundations and velvety lipsticks to highly concentrated mascaras and sleek eyeliners. It gives the best in magnificence. The brand's high-caliber and extravagant items without a doubt make the customers’ return for further purchase.

There are some other high-profile makeup companies like Givenchy, Lancôme, MAC, Clinique, Elf Cosmetics, Revlon, Smash box, Elizabeth Arden, etc., which too sell ridiculously awesome products and have already set a standard in the makeup industry.

Some of the other makeup brands that are well known for their products are:

  • NYX cosmetics
  • The Balm
  • Too Faced
  • Tarte
  • Becca cosmetics
  • Revolution
  • ABH (Anastasia Beverly Hills)
  • Benefit
  • Rimmel
  • Essence
  • Inglot
  • Morphe
  • Milani
  • Huda Beauty
  • D.M.G.M and many more.

In Pakistan as well, some of the beauty bloggers and some clothing stores have launched their cosmetic line and the products are indeed worth buying. Some of the Pakistani makeup brands are:

  • Note by J.
  • Massarat Misbah
  • Odho Cosmetics
  • Medora
  • Nabila
  • Beautify by Amna
  • Luscious cosmetics and many others as well.

Talking about makeup brands, all of the above-mentioned brands are categorized either as high-end makeup brands or drugstore brands, both of which sell some amazing products and try to meet their customers’ expectations and needs.


Talking about price range, many of these brands range from pretty reasonable and affordable makeup products to very expensive cosmetic products, but it all depends on what the product is, from which brand it is and how good it is. If we talk from a girl’s perspective, no such thing as “less is more” applies to the makeup products. Less is always less when it comes to fashion and beauty and especially makeup in particular.

Every product launched by the makeup industry plays a very important role in people’s life. Be it a face wash, a primer to hide pores before makeup, or even a simple makeup tool such as an eyelash curler. Every product that a particular makeup brand has to offer plays a vital role in enhancing and glorifying a person’s already beautiful features gifted to them by God.

Buying Makeup Products

Buying makeup products is not an easy job. If someone has to choose a foundation only, a variety of foundations in various brands would be available. The same goes for the concealers, face powder, highlighter, lip pencils, eyeliners, mascaras, eye shadow palette, cheek stains, lipsticks, and bronzers. This variety doesn’t only exist in available makeup brands but also in multiple available makeup shades, and their quality and consistency too.

Women Choice

A lady is very particular in investing her money on a good makeup product, even if it is something as small as fake eyelashes. So, when it comes to choosing “the most ideal makeup kit”, no particular or specific kit can be an ideal one, until or unless it’s the person him/herself who chooses different makeup products, according to their skin and color type, and make it an ideal kit for themselves.

Selection of Makeup Products

With so much diversity in makeup brands and products, there is always a lot of diversity in the kind of makeup people prefer due to which, the selection of “most ideal makeup kit” varies from time to time. Because of the different events, times and trends in a person’s lifetime the definition of “ideal makeup kit” changes with time to time. Still, there are a huge number of people who like to have warm tones in their daily makeup while quite a lot number of people prefer, basic, light, dewy makeup for their daily routine. The type of makeup also depends upon a person’s own personal choice.

Bridal makeup look

There is a variety of makeup looks as well, such as the summer look, the autumn look, dewy finish look, party makeup looks and when it comes to Pakistan; “bridal makeup look” is also, pretty much seen in great amount. Some people prefer dark makeup, while others prefer soft, subtle and light makeup, which actually looks great for daily routine.

Learning and doing makeup is an art itself and because of this, the makeup industry is growing and flourishing day by day. A lot of people are becoming self-taught makeup artists these days and earning really well by being a freelance makeup artist and working from their home. Their love and passion for makeup is well seen by the amazing strokes of brush applied on someone’s face.

Makeup Artists

Besides being skilled in make-up art and having excellent color vision and artistic ability, good make-up artists are likely to possess a variety of features and characteristics.

  • They have to use their innovative and creative mind to perfectly blend the warm and cold tones and give us a flawless look.
  • They have good communication skills, great correspondence and relationship building abilities.
  • They deal with multiple situations in a composed and thoughtful manner. They are persistent when it comes to their job, have great stamina and focus on their work really well.
  • They have the capacity to function admirably under strain.
  • They try their best to give a great amount of attention to the finest details when it comes to applying makeup and that too especially on brides.

These makeup artists use high coverage foundation and have other high-end makeup products in their makeup kit to satisfy their customers; hence their ideal makeup kit has products that are high in cost and great in quality.

But exceptions are always there, aren’t they? And that is why, some makeup experts have drug-store foundations and makeup products too and the reason behind it is that those drugstore brands have items which are rich in quality and now that they have maintained the superb quality of the products in all these years, customers have also stuck to them and them only.

So, to have an ideal makeup kit it is not necessary to purchase high-end or overly priced cosmetic stuff but, the best makeup kit will have everything and anything that suits a customer’s skin as well as pocket.

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