Top 10 Instant Geysers available in Pakistan for you in 2020

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Top 10 Instant Geysers available in Pakistan for you in 2020


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 31 Jan 20

Get to know about different types of Geysers such as Electric Water Geyser, Instant water Gas Heater and find out which one is better!

Geysers play an essential role in the winter season. Yes, in the cold winter season, geyser plays the role of a character who saves you from dying. Jokes apart, in winter, without geyser, you won't be able to do any work that is related to water.

Instant Geyser Brands in Pakistan


What does an instant electric geyser mean?

Instant electric geysers are those types of geysers that instantly warm up water in a few seconds or minutes. These are the best type of geysers because they are way secure and save if we compare it with normal gas geysers, which are not even safe.

Now let's discuss 10 geysers that you should definitely try in the year 2020.

Instant Geyser brands Pakistan


Super Asia Instant Geyser

The first company that comes in mind Super Asia Instant Geyser 8 Liter GH 108. This geyser has a lot of features like it saves 30 % energy and time as compared to other geysers. It has got led display and temperature setting memory function that allows you to set temperature.

Nasgas instant geyser

Nasgas Instant Geyser DG-7 comes with a capacity of 7 liters, and as you can get from the name, it works with one gas supply, and it comes with a brand warranty so no need to worry about that. This geyser has got a 99.9% rust-free aluminum body that keeps the water clean, and it has got the feature of auto water controlling.

BOSS instant electric geyser

Boss is famous for making plastic furniture, but its geyser is also worth it. It comes with a capacity of 25 liters, and its inner tank is coated with enameled steel. It has also got the feature of the ic ignition system, which is automatic. The voltage it takes to heat the water is 230 watts, and the net weight of this geyser is almost 8 kgs. The price of this geyser is reasonable.

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CANON electric instant geyser

Canon has got a wide variety of instant gas geysers and electric geysers as well. The model number  EWH-10LCM comes with a capacity of 10 liters. It is available at quite affordable prices. This geyser has got the feature to turn off and turn on automatically. The electricity it consumes is almost 9 amperes per hour, which is well very efficient. It got the ability to warm up the water within 15 to 20 seconds. The main thing is about this electric instant geyser is its size. It is way small in size, and that's what makes it unique and different. Canon water heaters in Pakistan are way famous because of their quality.

SEGO Instant water geyser

If you are looking for a stylish instant electric heater, then you can definitely check out sego's instant electric water geyser. This geyser is manufactured from Japan and is imported. It has got a powerful, intelligent thermostatic that heats your water perfectly. The voltage it takes to run in 220V. It warms up the water within 7 seconds. Yes, within 7 seconds, your water will be heated up. It has got 20 minutes inbuilt timer with battery operated Ignition. All these features make this instant electric water geyser awesome.

HANCO instant gas heater

Hanco is an international company, and its products are trustworthy. It is made from tempered glass and looks-wise, this geyser is unique. Apart from looks, it comes with the capacity of 6 liters and copper heat exchanger, and it has got a meter that is digital and shows the temperature. Hanco instant gas geyser will not flame out as it is flameout protected. The Price of Hanco instant gas geyser is affordable.  This geyser comes up with a tankless water heating facility. It saves up to 75 percent of the gas. So it's very efficient and effective.

CANON instant gas water heater JDS 8

This water heater comes with a unique feature of running on natural gas and LPG as well. Yes, I know it seems awkward and weird, but canon has done this. Now you can run your geyser even on LPG as well. This heater comes with 2 years warranty so no need to worry from the warranty side. It has got a capacity of 8 kgs, and its net weight is almost 6 kilograms. It has also got a battery auto ignition and ultra-low water-pressure start system that is perfect for making water warm.

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Sogo tulip geyser

Sogo Tulip Geyser is a small-sized instant water geyser that comes with the capacity of almost 6 liters. It can heat up water instantly, and it has got a high-quality micro switch for turning it on. The main feature it has got is dual water outlet sensors. Inside this instant geyser, it has got 3 circuit pipes. The hose it has got is about 9.5mm for the purpose of gas connection. The price of Sogo tulip geyser is reasonable, and this instant tulip geyser is available on online websites as well.

Canon GWH-55 C Gas Water Geyser

We have talked about almost all sorts of instant geysers, including gas, electric, and LPG geyser, but we haven't talked about big geysers. Canon GWH-55 C Gas Water Geyser comes with 55 gallons capacity, which extremely massive, and this geyser has got 12-55 gauge. This geyser is made up of heavy-duty steel. It has got glass wool insulation, and the glass that is used in this geyser is specially made for this purpose. It has also got the feature of thermostat that is totally automatic.

BOSS Electric Fast Geyser

As Boss has got a wide range of water geysers, this geyser is pretty unique. It comes with a rust-proof outer body, and it comes with a special sort of protection device that keeps the tank clean and safe from corrosion. It comes with a cable that is retardant with a 3 pin plug. It comes with a compact size. The price of this water geyser is quite higher than regular geysers because of plenty of features. You can buy this geyser online and in retail stores as well.

Which geyser is better? Electric on or gas one?

Apart from their features, electric instant geysers are quite a saver as compared to the geysers running on gas or LPG, but it all depends on how you maintain the geyser you have bought. Maintenance plays a vital role in making it secure. Make sure whenever you turn on the geyser, you turn off it on time. Check all the points of pipe to make sure there is no leakage of gas. If you have got an electric geyser, then you do not have to worry about all these things.

We have covered almost all types of geysers, and all these geysers are highly recommended, and we have picked best for you.

Electric Geyser and Gas Heater



All the geysers above are the best one for you to buy for winters. I will highly recommend electric instant gas heaters because they are more secure. But in cities where there is an issue of load shedding, I will also prefer instant gas heaters. Moreover, if you have already got a gas geyser, then make sure you always check it after turning it on and check all the gas pipes and guage to make it safe.

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