Huawei to use liquid lens in its flagships Phones in next year

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Huawei to use liquid lens in its flagships Phones in next year


Abdul Rehman

time published 23 Dec 20

China-based tech Huawei is aiming to convey liquid lens revolution in its upcoming flagship smartphones, starting from one year from now. 

Improved visual encounter

Another survey checked in China says that Huawei is in the last leg of the testing cycle for its liquid lens, which serves the customers with incredibly complementing picture adjustment and centre occasions, showing a way out as improved visual encounter to the clients.

As assumed from the China report, in Huawei upcoming flagship smartphones, the centre time shall be reduced to a couple of milliseconds which will currently be at standard with the focus time of the natural eye.

Role of the liquid lens in upcoming Huawei smartphones

The liquid lens work in a better way. The liquid lens innovation is initially sent for the telephoto camera so that despite of moving the focal points, the module will alter the particular condition of the liquid through differing voltages, so it highlights the light.

Liquid camera lens

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Moreover, the user is supposed to be more firm and adequately impenetrable to stun, in competition to the non-liquid type telephoto cameras.

If we are supposed to face the data from the Huawei’s Chinese manufacturer, the liquid lens will probably be attached with anonymous Sony IMX782 sensor to give versatile and delicate visual quality. However, it will be utilized with the telephoto framework in the innovative flagship smartphones.

Prior in April 2020, Huawei efficiently protected the liquid lens revolution for use in its smartphone camera module. The application was then noted in December 2019 after around 4 months.

Furthermore, the Huawei’s liquid lens uses an engine, camera placeholder and electronic equipment to move the lens point in such a way that it results in a much clearer visual image.

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Huawei’s liquid lens

Huawei is among the best photography smartphones and is highly ranked yet the clients expect much more improvements to be made with the upcoming time. The main reason for Huawei's using the liquid lens in the upcoming flagships smartphone is to enhance the visual image.

The objective of using the liquid lens in the flagship smartphones is fast self-adjustment. In other words, the liquid lens can possibly increase the whole grouping of centre in milliseconds with the immediate look.

Which consequently giving giant occasions to the utilization of cell phone cameras used for photography and videography as film gadgets.


Hence the decision of using the liquid lens in the upcoming smartphones is going to revolutionize a new trend in the field of technology in Pakistan and all over the World.

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