Huawei Latest mobile phones, you can buy in Pakistan 2020

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Huawei Latest mobile phones, you can buy in Pakistan 2020


Syed Ali Naqvi

time published 08 Jan 20

All the specifications including Display, Camera,Processor,Battery of Huawei latest smartphones and their availability in Pakistan 2020, are included in this article.

Huawei is a Chinese telecommunications company which is also the largest telecom infrastructure maker in the world. Huawei smartphones are one of the best smartphones in the world. Huawei has set up its products and services in more than 170 countries. Its employees work hard to amaze the world with discoveries.

Best smartphone series

Their products are always groundbreaking. Although products of Huawei are very famous in the world but it has faced difficulty in some markets due to cybersecurity issues. Huawei produces different ranges of series such as Huawei y series,

  • Huawei honor series.
  • Huawei nova series.
  • Huawei mate series and much more.

Huawei releases its new kinds of smartphones every year which vary in prices and features. Each of their products is better than the previous one. Some of these are as follows:

Huawei Nova 3 price in pakistan

Huawei Nova 3

Huawei nova 3 is a fascination for the younger generation.

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It has a 6-inch full-screen display with a brilliant screen resolution of 2160x1080 pixels. It has a uniquely elegant design with four cameras to enhance the picture quality.


Main Camera

It has a 16-megapixel camera attached with a 24-megapixel camera on the rear, the dual cameras of the phone allow the user to capture every moment in its full detail and liveliness, the cameras automatically adjust lighting and brightness of the picture and makes it possible to capture incredible photos even in the dark.

Front Camera

While on the front there is a 20-megapixel camera attached with a 2-megapixel camera which allows the users to click even better selfies.

Huawei nova 3 has state of the art features which make it stand out in the whole world of smartphones. Huawei nova series is one of the best series in the line of smartphones manufactured by Huawei company.

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When we talk about the processor of nova 3 by Huawei, we are even more amazed to know that it contains an octa-core processor with HI silicon kirin 970 chipset.


It has a 6 GB ram which is handling all the multitasking for users and allows them to enjoy their experience. The huge size of ram is specially designed for gamers so that gamers could enjoy an endless gaming experience without slowing it down.


While its 128 GB built-in storage can save all the files that users want to save.

Fingerprint sensor

It also has a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor which gives the users an easy and more secure environment.

Fast Charging

Nova 3 also comes with a fast battery charging feature which makes it even more attractive. Now the users do not have to wait too long for battery charging.

Different models of Huawei Nova 3

Nova 3 by Huawei also comes in a lighter version which is known as Huawei Nova 3i. Both of these smartphones are available all over Pakistan and worldwide. These phones come in different colors so that the users can buy in any color they want according to their liking.

Updated price of Huawei Mate 10

Huawei Mate 10 and Huawei Mate 10 Lite

Huawei has introduced its flagship standard Mate 10 smartphone along with its lighter version which is also a budget-friendly lighter variant. Huawei mate 10 is also considered as a mid-range priced phone in Pakistan.

Lighter flagship version

They introduced the lighter version of the flagship device to make sure everyone will get the taste of their latest product Huawei Mate 10 Lite. It is almost impossible to buy such expensive smartphones with a low budget that's why Huawei brought users a budget-friendly smartphone Huawei Mate 10 lite. Now everyone can buy a smartphone with the best features and quality even with a low budget.


The major difference in both devices is its outer look which is its screen size and screen resolution and its storage configuration whereas most of their features are identical. The display size of Huawei Mate 10 lite is 5.99 inches instead of 5.88 inches while the picture density and resolution are different too.

RAM and Storage

Huawei Mate 10 Lite has a 4gb ram whereas Huawei mate 10 has a 6 GB ram. The built-in storage capacity of both phones is 64 Gb in which users can save a huge amount of data.


Both of these smartphones have the best quality cameras both rear and front. The picture quality is to die for.

Main camera

Huawei mate 10 and mate 10 lite has dual rear cameras one is 12 megapixels and the other is 20 megapixels these are high quality and efficient cameras that allow users to zoom in on the objects while taking pictures and recording videos without damaging the picture quality.

Front camera

The selfie camera is 8 megapixels perfect for effortlessly gorgeous selfies anytime and anywhere. The phones also have different modes to edit pictures accordingly.

Fast Charging feature

Mate 10 and Mate 10 Lite both have a fast battery charging feature that is 58 percent charging in 30 minutes. The quick charging has increased in the appeal of these two smartphones. Now users can enjoy long-lasting experience.

Elegant designs

Mate 10 and Mate 10 Lite have elegant designs both of the phones are extremely sleek and slim and easy to handle. Both of the phones are available in Pakistan and all over the world with a variety of different colors.

Latest Huawei Mate 30 Pro price in Pakistan

Huawei mate 30 pro

Huawei mate 30 pro is the latest release by the brand, this phone is the most revolutionary phone till date launch by Huawei. Huawei mate 30 pro for the first time introduces 5G technology.


The design of the phone itself is very unique and eye-catching the edge to edge endless screen provides the users with the ultimate experience of using a smartphone, the touch of the phone is smoother than ever.


The Huawei mate 30 pro is available is all fun and aesthetically pleasing colors from orange to forest green, space silver, and cosmic purple. The body of the phone is very sleek and slim and the back has a glossy finish.

Quad camera

The quad-camera of Huawei mate 30 pro is another star feature of the phone, these four cameras captures the most stunning and high-quality pictures than any other phone of its competition.

Main camera

First of the four cameras are the 40 megapixels cine camera that allows the user to record slow motion, time-lapses, and ultra-slow-motion videos. Next is the other 40-megapixel super sensing camera that captures even the finest details in the pictures. The 8-megapixel telephoto camera allows the users to zoom in on the objects while taking pictures and lastly the 3D depth camera is perfect for portraits and it also adds bokeh effect to the pictures and videos.

Front camera

The dual front camera is also very high performance the main camera is 32 megapixels perfect for capturing unlimited beautiful selfies and the 3D TOF camera.

OS and processor

Huawei mate 30 pro has an Android 10 operating system and an extremely powerful octa-core processor.

RAM and storage

The phone has an internal built-in storage of 256GB and 8GB RAM. the phone has unmatched speed and can handle multitasking like no other.

Wireless charging

The Huawei mate 30 pro comes with a wireless charger so now you can travel anywhere, anytime without having to worry about low battery.

Security options

The phone has various security options to lock and unlock your phone the face id feature is highly advanced and protects the important data of the phone from invaders. Huawei mate 30 pros have very recently been launched all over the world and it is now available in Pakistan at all the Huawei official retailers and franchises.



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