Best electric fan heater in Pakistan that can make your room a comfortable place.

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Best electric fan heater in Pakistan that can make your room a comfortable place.


Mutaher Mehboob

time published 27 Jan 20

Are you looking for some good quality heater in a reasonable budget to get your room cozy in the freezing winters?. Here is what you need to know before you go shopping

There are several famous electric fan heaters in Pakistan that can make your room a comfortable place. Electric fan heater fans are a major need in winters. Now they are available at a reasonable price all over Pakistan. With time, technology has become more advanced. In electric heaters, electric energy is converted into heat energy.

Electric heaters now replace gas heaters. Electric fan heaters are more environmentally friendly and safe for human beings. Few advantages of Electric fan heaters are listed below:


The price of Electric fan heaters in Pakistan is less as compared to other heaters. They are cheap and easily available.


Electric Fan heaters are comparatively safer to use. They have a ceramic heating element, and it does not get excessively hot as in other models of the room heaters. They have an in-built sensor that cuts off the flow of electricity when the heating element gets heated over 193 degrees C.

Less noise disturbance

Electric fan heaters produce generate hardly-noticeable sound. They only produce a mild hum.

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Greater efficiency

The electric fan heater transfers heat in the entire room uniformly. The whole room is evenly warmed. An oscillator distributes warm air equally throughout the room. Using 1000 watts of heat, fan heaters can warm approximately 100 square feet of space.

Convenient to use

They are convenient to use and do not have complex functions. They mostly come with remotes, and the setting can be changed while sitting in any corner of the room.

In Pakistan, there are several Electric fan heaters brands. The prices of these heaters vary in Pakistan. All types and quality of electric fan heaters are available, and Different brands manufacture it as they are highly demanded. Few famous brands are listed below;

  • E-LITE


PHILIPS Electric heater fans are one of the best ones found in Pakistan. They are easily available, and the price of the product in Pakistan is reasonable. They provide quality, and the customer is satisfied. The heaters they produce are mostly from 220-240 Volts. The products produce have 2 heating systems, which are of 1000w/2000w. Philips has made a well-known name in the market. They provide services, and we can contact their customer service team and get personal health-related to all products we have purchased. We can register the product sitting at home and get the product we want on our door.

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Delonghi Fan Heater

The Fan heaters produced by Delonghi are of different types. It is a new growing company in the market. The price of the fan heaters they produce is low, and many people can buy it easily. The quality of the product is good. They are available at low rates. A few fan heaters they provide are listed below;

Delonghi upright fan heater

It is a horizontal fan heater with 3 Kw heat output. It warms the room very quickly. It is a great fan heater, and customers prefer buying it because of its shape. It is unique and eye-catching. It has two heat settings, which are of 1.5 kW and 3 kW. It has different settings and functions. It has a thermostat to control temperature plus cool air facility. It provides frost and overheats protection.

Delonghi table top heater

The other fan heater produced by Delonghi is a tabletop heater. The company mainly focuses on the shape and the quality of the product. The prices in Pakistan are comparatively less, as it is a growing brand. The heating power of the Delonghi upright fan heater is 2200 Watt. It has an adjustable room thermostat, to set and automatically keep the desired temperature. It is also used for summer ventilation. It is of good quality and preferred by buyers.

Delonghi Verticale Young Fan Heater

The other fan heater produced is named Verticale Young Fan Heater. Dimensions of the product in cm is 23.8x17.7x25.4 and weighs 0.6 kg. It has two heating settings, which are 1000 or 2000 Watt. It has an adjustable room thermostat to set and automatically maintain the desired temperature to set an ideal comfort level. Its function that is beneficial and attracts the customers is that Anti-frost function is activated on its own if the temperature falls below 5°C, it has a unique function of Drip Protection IP21. Because of drip protection IP21, this heater is ideal for bathroom use, as it guarantees a high safety level.  As safety is a major reason to buy fan heaters so this product contains a Safety thermostat and has Double insulation. It also has an integrated handle.

E-lite sun fan heater

E- LITE sun heater fan is not a well-known brand in Pakistan, but it provides quality at a very less price. If we compare the price and quality, then the product is right. The fan heaters are Durable and of high quality. They are easy to use and safe. They use advanced and up to date technology. The material of the heater is excellent. E-lite Heaters turn the room into heaven of warmth just by turning on a switch. It is a solution if you need instant heat. State of the art E-lite heater heating tubes are built into the multiple molded, cool-touch casing, mounted on a knowing oscillating safety base. All is done to fill the room with warmth within seconds.


Several best companies producing fan heaters also include Electronica. It is known for the variety of products they provide at a reasonable price. Few heaters they produce are given below:

Electronica PTC mounted wall heater

The Performance of the PTC wall mounted fan heaters very good. The minimum heating power of the product is 2000 W. It provides placements option i-e it can be placed on any wall of the room. It is beneficial for the users. It also indicates light. It can be controlled with the remote while sitting anywhere. It has timer control and is made of ceramic, which prevents it from heating too much and is good for safety.

Electronica fast pressure hot air fan heater

It makes sure that No ought to be powerless before atmosphere any more extended gratitude to Fan Heater, likely the least expensive in the town. This astounding fan radiator ensures that the customer stays warm in the comfort of your room, paying little mind to the likelihood that it is snowing outside. Cool / Warm/ Hot wind is given for selection. It contains a Power indicator light. It has a built-in system for overheating protection and with that a Safety thermal fuse. Its heating power is 1000 W, while rated power is also 1000W. Frequency and Voltages are 50/60Hz and 220-240, respectively. It can also be used as a normal fan in summers.

Westpoint Fan Heater

Westpoint Fan Heater Pakistan

WestPoint is basically a company of France, and its products are manufactured over there. It is a well-known brand in Pakistan. It is also sold in 70 other companies. It is conceived by creative designers in France and produced in world-class factories. It is known for its best quality and reasonable price. It has a great range of products which are used to reduce daily life effort so that you can enjoy more life. WestPoint is known for its high-quality items at a sensible cost. It has an extraordinary scope of items used to lessen your exertion in day by day life so that you can appreciate more life.


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