Top Gaming Console Accessories in Pakistan – Brands and Products of 2020

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Top Gaming Console Accessories in Pakistan – Brands and Products of 2020


Abdul Rehman

time published 09 May 20

Console gaming has taken over the world at this age. Gaming has been a big craze for many around the world for quite some decades. Mediums of gaming have been getting innovative and advanced with years, each year, new technology stuns the masses.  

There have been many gaming consoles launched by various brands over the years to promote gaming culture. Now the quality and graphics of the games have been designed to be better than ever.

Gaming consoles like Xbox or PlayStation is a valuable investment for many, and they look forward to making their gaming experience even more exciting. Hence they gather all the accessories and gadgets.

With the increase in demand for gaming consoles, there also has been an abrupt increase in the demand for gaming console accessories. All over the world, professional gamers invest a lot on these gadgets. Here are some top gaming console accessory brands in Pakistan and their top products in 2020

Best Thrustmaster gaming accessories

Thrustmaster is an international brand that deals in all sorts of gaming console accessories to make your whole experience even more amazing and thrilling.

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They have the coolest and latest gaming accessories to pair with your gaming consoles. You can choose from their large range of accessories according to your requirement. Some of their latest products are as follows.

Thrustmaster Gamin Accessories

Thrustmaster VG TMX PRO Racing Wheel - Xbox One

This accessory is specially designed for Xbox one users. It is a wheel that is connected to the console, and through this wheel, you can control your game and give instructions.

Playing racing games will never be the same again. Racing via controllers can be a little difficult, but this wheel allows the user to virtually connect to the game and experience it as it was real. Further, it also comes with a pedal set so that you get the full driving experience.

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 You can race without actually putting your life at risk. This accessory makes it easy for the gamer to perform all sorts of stunts using the wheel and pedals without a problem. The wheel also gives real feedback effects to take the gamer into the gaming world. The grip on the wheel is amazing, which makes it easy to handle.

The pedals are made from 100% metal, and the user can also adjust the push force on the pedals accordingly. This is a perfect set for adding extreme precision to your games.

Thrustmaster VG TH8A Add-On Gearbox Shifter for PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One

This gadget is another dream come true for gamers. This gear set is made of 100% metal; it is a 5.12 inches tall gear stick with a detachable knob. It gives the most authentic feeling of pushing a gear.

It is compatible with gaming consoles like PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One. It provides the ultimate precision and authenticity while playing a game it is very important that the gamers have the most control over every command and this stick allows the gamer to give accurate instructions at the right time.

 It has a realistic two-shift plate gear. The accuracy and preciseness of this gear won’t fade with time. You can adjust the resistance on the gadget, so it applies just the right amount of pressure while you change gears.

Best turtle beach gaming headsets

Turtle Beach has the best range of gaming headsets. Audio effects play a huge role in elevating the whole gaming experience; hence it is very important for gamers to wear a good headset while playing games.

Beach Turtle Gaming Headsets


 This headset is so powerful that it shifts the focus of the gamer entirely on the game and makes him forget the real world for a while. It is also very useful if you are playing in multiplayer mode so that you can give clear instructions to your partner without losing any focus.

Some of the latest headsets by turtle beach are as follows.

The elite 800 headsets by turtle beach

Elite 800 is the brand’s one of the most selling headsets. The performance speaks for itself. Top-quality and precise sound quality is guaranteed with these headsets. These are specially designed for PS4 and the brand new Nintendo switch.

The innovation and technology used in these headsets will surely leave the user stunned and amazed. It has used DTS 7.1 Surround sound so that you can easily identify the exact location of the sound. So that while you are focused on the game, you can attack the right place at the right time.

It is very useful for precision and accuracy. The active noise cancellation feature completely cuts off any background noises so that your full attention is devoted to your game, and nothing can distract you.

The best and the most exclusive feature of this headset is that it gives you superhuman hearing, you can also hear footsteps and even the slightest movement happening in the game.

The headset is 100% wireless and can be connected through Bluetooth with the console. It comes with a magnetic charging stand so that you can easily place it on charge as soon as you stop playing.

The mic of the headset is also extraordinarily perfect for giving clear instructions while you enjoy your game. The price of the elite 800 is a little high, but considering the world-class quality and performance, it is quite justified. Turtle beach headsets are available in Pakistan.

Oculus VR headsets

VR headsets are the technology of the new generation. These headsets take you in another dimension and make you feel a part of the game.

It makes sure to elevate all of your senses to take you virtually into the gaming world. VR technology has taken up the gaming world by storm. The Oculus VR headsets are one of the most impressive VR headsets in the world.

Oculus VR for Gaming

 As this technology is new and advanced, it might not be available everywhere in Pakistan, but you can visit their website for online shopping. They ship their products all over the world.

Oculus Quest VR headsets

Taking the gaming experience to the next level the Oculus VR headset translates your each and every movement and helps you give real commands to the games. The headsets are completely wireless and can be set up anywhere and anytime.

You can duck under any object, have a complete look at all the surroundings, move around and give many other commands through the headset. There is no need of wearing any headphones; the Oculus VR headset has a built-in audio system for the best quality sound.

It also comes with two touch controllers which can be used to translate all of your hand gestures into the game directly. You can grab, throw, slash by using your hand movements.

The headset is made smart enough to remember your playing space to keep you safe from running into other objects while you enjoy your game. All the action and adventure of the game feels real when you are taken into the virtual world through this headset.

This technology has been life-changing for many gamers around the world. Oculus VR headsets are extraordinary and a true vision of what science can do.

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