Best Upcoming Flagship Phones in Pakistan 2021 - Specifications and Availability

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Best Upcoming Flagship Phones in Pakistan 2021 - Specifications and Availability


Syed Ali Naqvi

time published 05 Jan 21

As, there were great flagship smart phones launched in the year 2020, with great specifications and features, each and every smart phone brand launches its Flagship phones in a year, and its mid ranged smart phones side by side.

The flagship phones which are happening to launch in the year 2021, are considered to be one of the greatest in their performance and their features, they have new and improved features with a high rate of functioning and performance, which makes them a really hardcore flagship phone of this year.

Huawei Flagship phones 2021

Huawei has also launched many flagship phones in the year 2020, with its amazing performance, camera quality and functioning as well. Such as the smart phones including Huawei P30 pro, Huawei mate 20, and Huawei P30.

The P series of Huawei is considered to be the Flagship series of this smart phone brand, it always comes with a higher price and great performance, which makes majority of the people go for this series of the smart phone brand Huawei.

The Flagship Phones of Huawei Mobiles launched in the year 2020, worked with great specifications, and with latest android versions, with amazing camera quality, including a great refresh rate and brilliant battery performance as well.

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Huawei P50 Pro 

Though, with the mate 40 Flagships out of the gate, Huawei has started to move its attention toward the P series, the company is on track to launch the P50 phones in the starting of the year 2021, which means the P series would be launching in its usual launching time frame between March and April.

Judging from its picture, the Huawei P50 phone has a rear camera with a design of a circle cut off from one side, and the main camera unit contains four sensors.

It was declared by the Huawei smartphone Company, that the Upcoming Flagship phones of the Huawei brand, would be supporting the Harmony OS system in them, it has been assumed that Huawei P50 would be the first phone to be having this feature in it.

Huawei P50 has the Gorilla glass 6 design, including the ceramic back with an aluminum frame, It is a dual- SIM smart phone, with a screen display of about 6.22 inches, OLED. This flagship smart phone has a refresh rate of 90 Hz, and 1080 screen resolution at 2340 Pixels.

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It works with the latest launched processor named Kirin 1000, It comes with two versions of this phone including 8+128 GB Storage capacity, and 12+256 Storage GB capacity. It has a battery power of 4000mAh with charging speed of 40 Watts.


Huawei Mate P50 Pro

Huawei Mate P50 pro has a bit advanced specifications as compared to the Huawei Pro 50 smart phone, this is also a flagship smart phone releasing in the year 2021. It is brilliant in its functioning and performance.

Its outer body is not as similar to the Huawei pro 50, as it does not have a circular camera design at its back, it has a vertically elongated design on its rear camera, which makes its look extremely elegant and full of class.

The upcoming flagship smart phone Huawei mate P50 pro, is considered to have the specifications including an Android 11 system version, which the Huawei P50 does not have, this phone is heavier in weight as compared to Huawei P50, it has a glass front, ceramic back and aluminum frame.

This smart phone has a long display screen of about 6.58 inches OLED type. It has a display resolution of about 1200 X 2640 Pixels, with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. It contains RAM of about 8-12 GB, and storage capacity of 256 GB to 512 GB, It also supports the Kirin 1000 processor.

It has 4 rear cameras, including the main camera named Penta, the first camera is 50 MP wide, second and third camera is 8 MP wide, and the Fourth camera is 40 MP wide, with a selfie camera of 32 MP width. It has a battery power of 4200mAh and charging speed of around 40 WATTS.

Samsung Flagship Smart phones 

Samsung has released some of the best and top class flagship smartphones in the year 2020, most them have been a great addition to the marvelous collection of Samsung Mobiles. The Samsung flagship smart phones in 2020 were launched under their Galaxy S collection.

The Samsung Galaxy S series has been immensely popular among its customers and all the regular Samsung smart phone users. Samsung smart phone company released some of the best S series flagship smartphones in the year 2020. Some of these popularly sold flagship smart phones are mentioned.

Samsung Galaxy S is basically the brand’s main flagship phone range. Among these Galaxy S range, Samsung Galaxy S 20 was in talks to be the most popular launch of 2020. Samsung Galaxy S 20 featured an amazing AMOLED display which was apparently 6.2 inch along with three high quality rear cameras and also being highly water resistant.

Samsung Galaxy has also launched Samsung Galaxy S 20 along with Samsung Galaxy S 20 plus and Samsung Galaxy S 20 Ultra. Al of them being the best flagship smartphones of 2020 launched by the Samsung smartphone company.

Samsung Galaxy S21 

The newest upcoming flagship smart phone to be released by the Samsung smartphone brand is the Samsung Galaxy S21. Samsung flagship stores have also announced the release of Samsung Galaxy S21 plus and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra flagship smart phones along with the release of Samsung Galaxy S21.

Samsung Galaxy S21 is known to be the next great big successor to the Samsung Galaxy S 20.

Samsung Galaxy S21 is also said to have some of the best specifications and features better than its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S 20. The flagship smart phones may be a little too expensive. It is slated to be released sometime this year.

Apple Flagship Smartphones

Apple smartphone brand unveiled the best and best of flagship 5G smart phone iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone Pro Max in the year 2020.

iPhone has always been known for its quality features and specifications. The Samsung Galaxy S 20 was in competition with the Apple iPhone 12 pro as the two smart phone bared some of the same features and specs.

These two smart phones were also considered to be the best flagship smart phone releases in the year 2020.

Apple is said to release its flagship smart phone of the year 2021 by the name of iPhone 13 which will be released with its mini version that would be the mini Apple iPhone 13.

Apple iPhone 13 

These Apple Mobiles are expected to release somewhere in March in 2021. The mini iPhone 13 is said to be 5.4 inches with no change being added to that of its predecessor iPhone 12 mini.

Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are said to be 6.1 inches another 6.1 inches and a 6.7 inches respectively. The new up and coming flagship Apple smart phones are believed to have no ports, as in charging ports. Apple smartphone want to provide a full-fledged wireless experience for the users of Apple smart phones and their regular customers.

Apple flagship smart phones are known to be quite expensive as compared to the Samsung flagship smart phones mainly because of the differences in their specs and display. But the year 2021 is sure going to be the best for the customers of Apple smart phones and Samsung smart phones as also for the users who may be able to afford the smart phones.

Apple’s iPhone flagship smartphones for the year 2021 are expected to be release by the end of September year 2021.

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