8 Best Electric Heaters for Your Home in Pakistan 2022

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8 Best Electric Heaters for Your Home in Pakistan 2022


Abdul Rehman

time published 02 Jan 22

To protect ourselves from unpredictable winter winds we need to have a reliable heater. They were first invented in the 1800s. They have become a vital part of our daily lives during the winter season because of the warmth they offer in a chilly room. Heaters work at the same principle as that followed by air conditioners but they rise air temperature instead of condensing it. It is preferred to place heaters on the floor instead of mounting them on the wall. Though some heaters are made in a way that is suitable for mounting on walls.  

These days’ people prefer to have a central heating system in their houses but heaters are still needed. A lot of such heaters are available at a cost that is worth your well-earned money. These days electric heaters are replacing combustible heaters. They follow the mechanism of convection, conduction, and radiation and can convert electric energy into thermal energy. Electric heaters can be placed in any confined and closed space.

Best Electric heaters in Pakistan

Following mentioned are some of the best electric heaters in Pakistan:

Geepas Quartz Electric Heater

It is an amazing Geepas heater that provides heating at 4 different levels. It offers an oscillating function that releases hot air while a metallic wire is installed in it for protection. Other features are mentioned below:


  • It can consume power at 1200W.
  • It uses a metal wire made of chrome in it.
  • It does leave and right oscillation and also metal protection is being incorporated in it.
  • Brand warranty is also offered by the company for this product.

Geepas Electric Fireplace

It protects from overheating and a ceramic heating element is installed in it. It is preferred for its quality of overheat protection and for the ability to have two air settings. Below mentioned are its other features:

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  • This heater works at 2000W.
  • It works at a voltage of AC 220-240V 50 per 60Hz
  • A fan is incorporated in it having two air settings.
  • Brand warranty is also offered by the company for this product.


Geepas Electric Fireplace

Seco Quartz 2-Rod Electric Heater

Seco Electric Heater is known for providing modern, qualitative heaters at a reasonable price. Seco Quartz 2-Rod Electric is a portable heater for domestic usage and works at two temperature settings. It is available at an affordable price.


  • It provides the option for two different temperature settings either at 400W or 200W.
  • Electricity bills are kept in check due to the energy-efficient technology installed in them.
  • It has to overheat protection installed in it.
  • The brand offers one year warranty.

Seco Electric Sun Quartz Halogen Heater

Seco Electric Sun Quartz Halogen Heater is a great energy saver. It has revolving functions especially its timer option has made it popular. It is known for providing long-lasting heat and maintaining temperature.

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  • A revolving fan heater is installed having two temperature options.
  • It has an energy saver carbon fiber installed in it which is responsible for saving energy.
  • A timer is also fixed in it.
  • Advanced halogen technology is installed in it that provides heat for confined spaces that also lasts longer.
  • A power of about 800W is consumed by the standing halogen heater.

Seco Electric Sun Quartz Halogen Heater

Seco Ceramic Fan Heater

Seco Ceramic Fan Heater is famous for its both hot and cool options and so they are preferred for this reason. It has proven a revolutionary heater for its timer option and its ability to work at both temperatures.


  • It works for two different settings at 640 W and 1300W.
  • It can release hot wind, warm temperature, or cool temperature.
  • It can heat the room around 12 feet of its surroundings.
  • It has carbon fiber installed in it that does energy saving.
  • It has a timer option of 1 hour and also a revolving option.

Seco 1.5 Ton Split Room Heater

This heater has an inverter technology, and it can be available for floor standing as well as it can be mounted on the wall. Because of the wall-mounted option, people prefer this. It looks luxurious and modern.



  • It has warm, hot wind, and cool options.
  • It has a remote control option for the LED display.
  • Its most liked quality is its high thermal efficiency and automatic overheat protection.
  • Also, it is known as an energy-efficient heater that consumes less energy.

Quartz Heater

This is a 2 Rod electric room heater which also has two heat options at 800W and 400W. Quartz heater is portable and so easy to use domestically. It has the following major features:


  • It has safety features installed in it like high-temperature resistance and a cool touch cabinet.
  • It has to overheat protection installed in it.
  • It can be easily transferred from one room to another.

Delonghi Converter heater

It is a converter heater having 3 heat settings that work at different power supplies.it is good to be mounted on the wall or can be placed on the floor. It is preferred for its ability to be fitted on the wall so the room will look more spacious.


  • It has heat settings at 1400W, 1000W, and 2000W.
  • It works at a voltage of 230 to 240V per 50hz frequency.
  • It can heat the area to 70 cubic meters.

Sogo Portable Fan Heater

SOGO is a Pakistani company which is famous for its electronics. It has provided electric products, lighting products, and various solar panels. People prefer SOGO electronics for domestic uses because they guarantee quality and reliability.

Sogo Portable Fan Heater is made of portable design, can easily transmit from one room to another, and is small. It is ideal for homes because it can be confined to small spaces.


  • It consumes energy up to 220-240V per frequency of 50 to 60 Hz.
  • It has warm, hot, and cool setting options.
  • Two heat settings work at 1200W and 650W.

Sogo Ceramic Fan Heater

It has a ceramic heating element installed in it having an oscillating fan heater. It works for both seasons that are winters and summers as it provides cool air during summers and hot during winters.


  • Its heat option requires two settings of 2000W and 1000W.
  • It provides high thermal efficiency while consuming less power.
  • It protects from overheating.

Sogo Electric Heater

The Sogo electric heater comes with a remote and oscillating function. It is preferred for its additional feature of timer setting and having a remote control. Other features are mentioned below.


  • Its heat option requires power settings of 1300W and 2200W.
  • The timer can be set up to 8 hours while you have a remote control feature also.
  • It has an efficient ceramic heating element installed in it.
  • It offers an oscillating function at 180 degrees while it provides hot, warm, and cool air options.


Sogo Electric Heater

Sogo Halogen Heater

Sogo Halogen Heater is a dish heater that requires a low voltage supply and works automatically when it is needed. This heater is preferred for its oscillating function through which it releases warm air.


  • It provides an oscillating function at 180 degrees.
  • Its heat option requires two heat settings of 300W and 600W.
  • It works at a voltage of 220 to 240 volts per 50 to 60 Hz.


As winters are on the rise it is of utmost pleasure to have a heater that works well. Heaters cost is also rising in this season though you have several options. Hope the above-mentioned different heaters will add you to knowledge about currently available different heaters.

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