Top 10 Battery Brands in Pakistan- Latest products in 2020

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Top 10 Battery Brands in Pakistan- Latest products in 2020


Abdul Rehman

time published 18 May 20

Pakistan's top 10 battery brands with the latest models of batteries are achieving their milestones in the battery industry of Pakistan. The manufacturing of high-quality batteries is developing the industry towards its growth.

The battery is not only used in automobiles, but it is a significant part of other electrical devices, which makes the particular machine work. Some batteries are rechargeable, which is preferred if the charging capability is strong and for a long time. The customer requires a genuine battery with the best prices from authentic brand stores and high-quality features. The online availability of batteries of different brands has made the lives easy.

Pakistan is successfully growing in the battery industry as manufacturing is locally done with high quality and performance. Consumers are satisfied with the features, availability, performance, longer life, and warranty of available batteries in Pakistan, either on stores or online.

Top 10 battery brands of Pakistan

  • Osaka Battery
  • A.G.S. Battery
  • Daewoo Battery
  • Exide Battery
  • Homage Battery
  • Bridge Power Battery
  • Phoenix Battery
  • Tubular Battery
  • Dry Battery
  • Fujika Battery

Osaka Battery

Osaka is Pakistan's largest battery manufacturer, successfully achieving the targets for new products and creating a record for its best quality in the history of the automotive battery industry of Pakistan. It is an ISO 9001 & ISO certified company producing various automotive and inverter batteries for 19 years. Osaka batteries are also available online, where the prices and features are also mentioned to make the final purchase.

Osaka Battery

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It includes

Motorcycle/scooter batteries

  • It offers a wide range of power-packed batteries for sports and local domestic purposes.
  • It works as for starting power, lighting, and ignition and also used in quads, garden vehicles, and lawnmowers.
  • It is for value-conscious and premium buyers and contains easy installation options with longer battery life.

Tubular Plate batteries 

  • These are for the use of U.P.S. and inverter, Electrical vehicles, Motive power for forklift, and solar power solution.

VRLA batteries

  • These are from 200 to 3000 Amps consisting of 6 F.M.X. Series (12V) Front Access VRLA Battery, 6 G.F.M. Series (12V), and G.F.M. Series (2V).
  • These are entirely sealed batteries with rugged A.B.S. construction. It is suitable for solar panels, U.P.S., auto control equipment, telecommunication, and perform cloud work in any extreme climate condition.

A.G.S. Battery

Ags batteries are of Atlas group. These highly recommended batteries are of high quality. These are now also available by dealers in different cities of Pakistan and online.

It's latest models are as follows

Hybrid (A.G.S.) HB46 Lead Acid 9 Plates 30 A.H.

  • It's a low maintenance battery with 9 plates and a 1-year replacement warranty.

Atlas Hybrid (A.G.S.) HB50 Lead Acid 11 Plates 38 Ah

  • It's a low maintenance battery with 11 plates and a 1-year replacement warranty.

Atlas Hybrid (A.G.S.) HB65 Lead Acid 13 Plates 45 Ah

  • It's a low maintenance battery with 13 plates and a 1-year replacement warranty.

AGS GL48 12 Volts 9 Plates 35Ah Lead Acid

  • This battery is of 9 plates.

AGS GL50 12 Volts 11 Plates40Ah Lead Acid

  • It consists of 11 plates.

There are several other models, and these are used in the automobile as well as in electrical devices.

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Daewoo Battery

Daewoo Battery is a manufacturer of Lead-Acid Batteries in Pakistan. It offers a complete range of 100% maintenance-free batteries for automotive along with specialized deep cycle batteries, such as for U.P.S. and solar systems. These batteries are designed with Korean technology and by Korean experts, which makes sure to create innovative, high-quality, and super performance batteries.

Daewoo Battery

It includes

DLS-105 and DRS-105

  • 100% maintenance-free batteries that provide convenience with extraordinary spill proof feature with its double seal.
  • It is for engine capacity 1800- 3000CC.

DLS-120 and DRS-120

  • These are also 100% maintenance-free batteries that eliminated the hassle of re-filling electrolytes throughout its lifetime.
  • These are for engine capacity of 2000 to 4000CC.

DIB-110 and DIB-135

  • These are designed for U.P.S. or solar systems.
  • It consists of the longest backup time and has a 1-year free replacement warranty.

Other batteries, such as DIB-165, DIB-180, DIB-200, DIB-225, DL-46, DR-46, etc., are recommended for the use of electronic devices.

Exide Battery

These are the largest manufacturers of lead-acid electric storage batteries in Pakistan. Exide batteries are reliable and preferable by the people of Pakistan and are also available online.

Following are the types of Exide batteries

Exide N100

  • It is of 12Volts 70AH, 11 Plates, and specially designed for cars, U.P.S., solar panels or generators, tractors, coasters, and other multiple devices.
  • It has a 6 months warranty.

Exide N70

  • It is a 12Volt, 9 plates battery used in U.P.S., Automobiles, Solar heavy-duty generators, etc.
  • It is a multi-purpose battery with 6 months warranty.

Other Exide batteries like GL50, HP 165, N 140 Plus,  N 180 Plus, N190 Plus, and lead-acid Exide batteries are also available.

Exide Battery

Homage Battery

Homage batteries are ranked among the top and famous battery brands of Pakistan. These batteries are suitable for every environment conditions as it guarantees a constant power supply continuously. In order to prevent power issues, these batteries are designed especially for U.P.S. and inverters and can also be used in solar panels for best use.

Homage batteries are maintenance-free, desired for power backup appliances, and their estimated life is 18 to 20 months.

Two types of Homage batteries are

  1. Deep cycle gel batteries
  2. A.G.M. batteries

Deep Cycle Gel Batteries

  • It consists of thicker plates and uses to store a large amount of energy deep discharge.
  • It has a vast cycling capacity and denser active material ratio.
  • It is comparatively more superior then A.G.M. batteries.
  • It includes HB-146G, HB-196G, HB-210G, HB-50G, HB-70G, HB-150G, HB-200G.

A.G.M. Batteries

  • A.G.M. is an Absorbed Glass Mat batteries specially designed for glass mat separators.
  • These are non-spillable with low self-discharge.
  • It includes HB-45, HB-65, HB-145, HB-165, and HB-195.

Bridge Power Battery

Bridge power batteries, a leading company in Pakistan, provides power, performance, and reliability in every vehicle. The quality of battery in the automobile industry is what makes its batteries stands as a leading company.

It includes

L.T.V. Batteries

  • It consists of the series of Bridge power batteries from RB-30 to RB-85 commonly used for cars and light-weighted vehicles.

H.T.V. Batteries

  • It consists of the series of Bridge power batteries from RB-90 to RB-145 specially designed for heavy transport vehicles like trucks and buses.

Industrial Batteries

  • It consists of the series of Bridge power batteries from RB-170 to RB-260. It is used for heavy transport vehicles and gives the best performance. 
  • It is also preferred for auxiliary equipment, bulldozers, and for industrial purposes.

Motorcycle Batteries

  • RB-2.5 series is best for motorcycles like for 70CC, 100CC, or 125CC.

Phoenix Battery

Phoenix batteries company is one of the famous in the battery industry of Pakistan. Their batteries are used in automobiles and other electrical devices. These multi-purpose batteries have a good life with a warranty.

It includes

Phoenix battery XP 200 and XP 230

  • Specially designed for the use in solar inverter and U.P.S.

Phoenix battery XP 185

  • Multi-purpose battery but mostly use for solar inverters and U.P.S.

Other batteries are Pheonix Euromax 55 Maintenance Free 9 Plates, Pheonix Euromax 65 Maintenance Free 11 Plates, etc. these are maintenance-free batteries and are available online as well as on stores.

Tubular Battery

Tubular batteries are available in Pakistan. These are also available online and are successful due to genuine and god price-quality batteries. It can operate at an extreme temperature as it is used in high cyclic applications.

These batteries are beneficial due to the following reason.

  • These are used in U.P.S. and invertors.
  • More astonishing in the warranty period of maximum 4 to 5 years
  • Consists of high-cost price
  • It can handle high voltage power.
  • Fast battery charging capability

Some of the tubular batteries available on stores and online are I.T.T. (Tall Tubular Battery 150AH) 12V 275-INV026 and Inverex INV-150 (12V-110AH) Tubular Flooded Battery. These are of low maintenance but high-performance quality batteries.

Dry Battery

Dry batteries are highly preferable due to longer backup time and long-lasting charge. These are available in Pakistan on stores and also online. These are maintenance-free batteries used for solar panels and inverters.

It includes

Power LP12V-18AH Dry battery

  • It is also used for all purposes.

Power LP12V-26AH Dry battery

  • They are used for all-purpose, especially for EPS and U.P.S.

Narada 2V600 Amp Dry cell battery

  • They are used in mobile telecom, U.P.S., solar, and other utilities.

Narada AcmeG 12V 200Ah Dry Battery

  • It provides higher specific energy and long standby life.

There are other dry batteries also which can word for a longer time.

Fujika Battery

Fujika batteries are available in Pakistan, and these are available on e-commerce platforms also. Warranty is also offered for these batteries.

It includes

Fujika MF DIN66L

  • It is a maintenance-free battery with a 1-year replacement and specially designed for Mercedes and BMW.

Fujika Tubular Plate Deep Cycle Battery

  • It is used for U.P.S. and solar inverters with a 1-year replacement warranty.

It also consists of other types of batteries specially used in automobiles, U.P.S. and solar inverters.

Which battery is best for ups in Pakistan?

VRLA or sealed batteries are best for ups invertors. These batteries are the best because it ensures uninterruptible power and requires low maintenance. It also provides long-term protection for most likely for up to 20 years and saves cost by this.

Osaka and many other top brands offer such batteries with long battery life. These highly recommended and favourable batteries are used to make lives easy by getting high performance and saving their appliance from any loss due to battery issues.

Which battery is best for the solar system in Pakistan?

Low maintenance Deep cycle batteries are considered to be best for solar systems. These have high capacity and power, and are life is long-lasting. Daewoo batteries such as DIB-135 100 Ah, Daewoo DIB-165 115 Ah, DIB-180 145 Ah, etc. are considered to be the best batteries with low maintenance for solar systems.

Reasonable prices of batteries along with other benefits

Batteries by the top and famous brands are preferable due to the benefits which they provide. Diverse types of batteries are available with a different price range and for various purposes. People are highly satisfied with the performance of batteries manufactured by top brands of Pakistan. The most beneficial point is the online availability of batteries has made life easy. Either new or used, all batteries are available on online platforms with mentioned reasonable prices and warranty.

Battery brands' performance in the upcoming years

Pakistan has successfully reached upper grounds in the battery industry where the batteries are not only used in Automobile vehicles but also in Solar systems, U.P.S. invertors, and other electric equipment. The biggest milestone consecutively achieved by being among the top positions in exporters of batteries.

Various battery brands are concentrating on the high quality, reliability, performance, honesty, accountability, and integrity to create a sense of ownership among all so that while focusing on these points, Pakistan's battery industry can grow and thrive. In upcoming years, the future is bright if the quality will be maintained in the same manner, and innovations along with improvements will be made.

All the top 10 battery brands with their latest products of 2020 are discussed for the convenience of the customers. These batteries are available on online platforms with battery prices. This useful product for home appliances, automobiles, motors, and up or solar panels provides comfort to customers through better quality features and long-lasting life. These batteries specification along with prices are mentioned on the official websites of the battery brands and the customer can easily go through the site and can purchase the item online where the delivery transit time and every detail is mentioned regarding the product. These options are making the lives easy, and by this, in the upcoming years, the Pakistan e-commerce industry will also grow.

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